WordPress 2.0 Out Wednesday

I just happened to notice podz' announcement that WordPress 2.0 will be released on Wednesday.

This should be pretty cool, but a word to the wise (I saw this recently in the WordPress forums): someone tried the 2.0 while in beta, switched back to 1.5, found his database messed up (for want of a more technical term) — and was advised that the upgrade changed the database and that there was no simple "going back." What this means is that backups are more important than usual.

There's a nice writeup of the new WordPress 2.0 features in the Codex. Scroll down to the nice table — it looks like they've more clearly defined user roles, from blog owner, editors, authors, contributors and subscribers. This could be pretty useful for user-active blogs.

As usual, my plan is to watch the WP user forums in the coming weeks to see what issues, if any, this latest upgrade may bring. May it all go smoothly. :)

[Added] It turns out that the announcement was made by miklb. Late-night posting, and all that. :)

6 Comments to "WordPress 2.0 Out Wednesday"

  1. podz says:

    Backing up everything is more than essential.

    I'll upgrade somewhere around 2010. If then indeed :)

  2. DianeV says:

    Hi podz!

    I've not seen 2.0 up close, though some of the delineated new(?) features seem more than I need.

    Why wouldn't you be upgrading, if I could ask?

  3. podz says:

    There is code there I will never use.

    Draggable boxes – no.
    User levels – no
    New image directory control – no
    All that ajax just for the sake of it – no
    New theme pictures – no
    Improved importers – no
    WYSIWYG write thing – no

    It may well be wonderful for some, but as a guy who just wants to blog it all adds up to bloat for my purposes. YMMV :)

  4. DianeV says:

    That's a good point, podz. I wouldn't be using them, either, though the user levels might be interesting for some. I'm hoping that 1.5.2 will remain available.

  5. podz says:

    And if you'd like to see a fully working copy, drop me a note :)

  6. DianeV says:

    Absolutely. Note coming. :)

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