Dreamweaver: Nested Editable Regions Error

Some people are encountering Dreamweaver nested editable region errors in Templates with Dreamweaver 8. After some checking, I came across a solution; not sure if it's the only solution, but it works, it's logical, and … it works.

Bottom line: check the Template's code well — not just the Editable Region tags. You may find that there's a missing tag somewhere — for instance, a missing closing </head> tag — which is why Dreamweaver is determining that you've got Editable Region nesting errors.

That is, if a tag isn't closed (say, the </head> tag is missing), then the editable <head> area isn't closed … and so the next editable area (for instance, your content area) is obvious "nested" in the head region. It's an HTML coding error, rather than a DW error.

Unfortunately, DW may not alert you by noting that the </closing> tag is missing. But let's remember that it's the weird coding that was throwing DW in the first place.

Kudos to the person in the Macromedia forums who gave a hint of the solution; sorry I don't recall the name.

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  1. Brian O'Gorman says:

    Hi Diane,
    Read the above with interest.
    Have just migrated to Dreamweaver 8 and have used the updater to install the latest update.
    Am not an experienced developer but have developed a site using 2004mx (www.faith.org.uk). All pages are based on a template (www.faith.org.uk/Templates/Faith.dwt).
    When I use DM 8, I find on most pages I cannot edit the main section of the page in design view(I get the "blocked" symbol). If I switch to code view, I can usually make the area editable by clicking/marking some of the code and returning to design view, but when I close the page and open it again the blocking still occurs.
    I also find that paragraph formatting created in 2004mx gives much larger spacing in 8.
    I would very much value your advice, Diane. It is driving me mad! I have almost 300 pages on the site! Sure it is something wrong with the template.

  2. DianeV says:

    Interesting. I copied your DW Template, saved it in Dreamweaver, and created a page from it. The result was just as you stated: the content section was protected from editing (just the effect we *don't* want). Code view revealed that it all went awry (that is, everything afterwards was greyed out, including the content section) starting with this in the <head> section:

    <!– InstanceParam name="id" type="text" value="Layer13" –><!– InstanceParam name="style" type="text" value="position:absolute; width:550px; height:505px; z-index:18; left: 375px; top: 150px;" –>

    That would, to me, indicate that DW is balking at that point. To test, I removed just that piece of code and saved the Template, which updated the page I'd created … and the content section was no longer protected from edits.

    I'm not quite sure why that code is stated in that particular way. It appears to be just an absolutely-positioned div, in which case that ought to be in the CSS section (rather than as a ParamWhatever — not quite sure what that is). If you need the code, moving it to the CSS section would enable you to (a) use it and (b) not have this Template problem. <grin>

    One tip: with a large site, you might look at moving all your CSS to an external file, and simply calling it from your Template. Then, when you make changes to the CSS, you only upload the CSS file rather than the entire website every time.

  3. abbas says:

    when i see in browser error comes that prob in line 105(nested editable regions

  4. Diane Vigil says:

    Ah. That may be. But the solution is to check your code, because somewhere Dreamweaver is detecting a coding error. It may not be exactly where DW says it is, but somewhere something is missing or incorrect.

  5. NV says:

    I was having this same maddening problem. I found that using "Commands -> Clean up XHTML" fixed the problem. The summary said that 3 tags were made into lowercase, and that somehow fixed the problem. It might be different for you, but worth a shot I guess.

  6. Diane Vigil says:

    Interesting. It's possible that you were using a doctype that required lower case? At any rate, thanks for the great tip; particularly good if the other stuff doesn't do it.

  7. Dave says:

    Your fix was right on. My page was missing a head tag. I search Google for Dreamweaver nested editble region error and came right to your page.

    I was missing a closing head tag (ouch), and that fixed it. Thanks.

  8. Diane Vigil says:

    Dave, I'm glad I could be of help, which is why I wanted to share this data.

    As to your missing </head> tag, that's what I was missing on one of my templates, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't missing before I moved to DW8. Just one of those mysteries, I guess?

  9. Vix says:

    Hi Diane,
    One of those mysteries indeed – as I tell all my students DW is a great tool but without the knowledge of HTML you will never sort out these "mysteries"
    thanks for the tip saved a few hours of grief

  10. Diane Vigil says:

    You're welcome, Vix. I know what you mean; if you can't read HTML, then you'll have problems anyway (and more often).

    At any rate, I'm glad it was of help. I figure that we all help each other. :)

  11. merle says:

    Just posting to say I had this same problem. I had one image without ALT text. Once I fixed that the template was able to be created.

  12. Diane Vigil says:

    Thanks, Merle. It's good to know that something like missing ALT text might also cause a problem.

  13. Changyang319 says:

    thx, it's really works.
    after check, it's missing tag.

  14. Scott says:

    Thanks for the tip. I put in Nested Editable Regions into Google and this was the first site. I had a extra tag in there!


  15. Lynn says:

    I appreciate the information. Could not figure out what was wrong. Googled and found this site – most helpful. I was missing a in the template.

    Thank you!


  16. Nabha says:

    Thank you! This also helped me.

    Closing and reopening after fixing the code made it work again — it wouldn't work before then, even when I fixed the code error (a missing tag).

  17. Jonathan says:

    Hello everyone.

    I am working on a template file (.dwt) at the moment, and whenever i try to save the file, i get the following error message, "There is an error at line 222, column 449….. Nested editable regions." I found that a tag is the main culprit here, as one of them is not closed. but when i tried closing it, the whole webpage goes haywire. I took over this website from the previous webmaster and am really lost as to what solution is available. Appreciate all your help! btw heres the code, its kind of long. sorry about that.


  18. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Jonathan. I had to delete your code, as it's not all displaying in any case. If you could upload the template and post a link, I could take a look.

    At any case, I'd suggest that you move any JavaScript in the area to an external file. Then take a look at what the nested editable area error might be.

  19. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for all the chatter on the "nested editable region."

    Closing an open tag fixed the error when I first encountered it earlier today. The second time, however, I couldn't get the problem with the library item — a navigation bar — fixed.

    I finally threw up my arms and removed the table containing the navigation bar from the library coding and pasted it into my template.

    This isn't ideal, but it works.

  20. Diane Vigil says:

    That's interesting, Gabriel. I've never run into this happening more than once, but it seems in any case that ensuring the coding is correct resolves it. Glad you got the first one fixed, though.

  21. Sue says:

    Hi all,

    Am having a problem with Dreamweaver 8 and after looking at your comments above i still cant solve the problem.the site is http://www.hbfha.com and all pages are based on a template.

    The message am getting is "there is an error at line 4, column 70 (absolute position 143: of nested editable regions". "making this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or a translator. the change will be discarded".

    kindly assist.


  22. Diane Vigil says:

    Interesting. On line 4, you have three BeginEditable doctitles:

    <!– #BeginEditable "doctitle" –> <!– #BeginEditable "doctitle" –> <!– #BeginEditable "doctitle" –>

    There should only be one. Then, it gets closed twice … so one is technically "open" for the rest of the page (and, thus, everything else is incorrectly nested).

    Would suggest making a backup copy of the DW Template, then editing it so that there's only one opening BeginEditable and one closing one.

    If DW doesn't allow you to remove those, you may have to edit the Template in a text editor.

    [By the way, the software for this blog turns double-dashes into one dash, so the above is not quite right … but it's correct in your Template.]

  23. Sus says:

    Hi Diane,

    I am working on a template file (.dwt) at the moment, and whenever i try to update the new template into the existing web pages devleoped from an older template, i get the following error message, "There is an error at line 4, column 70 (absolute position 143: ….. Nested editable regions."

    The template itself has no problem as am doing clean up html only that when i try to update the existing webpages, do i get the message. in the old pages i get this message "making this change would require changin code that is locked by a template or a translator. the change will not be discarded".

    Please help.


  24. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi, Sus (Sue?). It looks like you posted the identical problem twice … did you see my solution at comment #22? The page I looked at contained that error in the Template region(s).

  25. Connie says:

    I am working on a website for my client and am coming across something very similar. I checked for a tag that was not closed but was unable to locate one. I did notice it is always locked when I open the page but if I make a simple edit in the code mode and then double click (anywhere) in the design mode I can get back into the design mode. However, I then have to delete the little change I made to get into the code mode for it to open up the design mode.

    It is so annoying. I just wish when I opened the doc it would be in instant edit mode in the design mode.

    Still wanted to share how I was able to get it working for those that do not have any missing tags, as in my case.


  26. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Connie. That sounds pretty annoying.

    I did a search for Dreamweaver files locked and found a lot of search results.

    In particular, I'm wondering whether you've got a Mac … or whether you're using the check in/out feature. If you'll go to that link (the search link above), you'll probably be able to find your solution.

  27. Connie says:

    I don't use a MAC. PC, Windows XP SP3. I don't use the check in/out feature. Do not like the feature. It was annoying because my clients never checked in their files so I finally just learned to redownload updated files instead of using check in/out.

    I receive no error messages. Just unable to get into template. Very unique situation.

    Thanks so much for doing a search. I did look it over and didn't see a solution to my situation. Most talk about files being completely locked. That is not my situation. I can edit them in Code mode. Just not design mode, unless I perform the above noted workaround. This was the closest site I found to my issue. Oh well. Technology. Gotta love it!

  28. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. So, if you *were* using the check in/out feature (or your clients were), and neither you nor your clients unselected that feature in your Dreamweaver setups on your individual computers (this would be Design Notes in the Site definitions), then the associated files that control Design Notes may still be on the server — thereby causing a problem when you try to edit the files on your computer.

    Of course, if this is the problem, and if you unselect Design Notes on your computer and your clients still have it selected on theirs and are uploading files, you may still have the problem.

    It's for this reason, among others, that I walk my clients through their Dreamweaver setups before showing them how to use it — so that the default of Design Notes is unselected.

    Anyway, I hope that some of this works for you.

  29. Brian O'Gorman says:

    Hi everyone,
    I posted this question so long ago and it has produced many helpful comments. Sorry I have not responded.
    Diane made a very helpful comment ages ago. Frankly, I have been reluctant to change the coding in the template as it works so well! Must get round to trying it, though. Also moving the CSS as she suggested.
    Connie described how she edits code in Code mode and then, after double-clicking in Design mode she can edit in that mode.
    I find I don't need to edit in Code mode, I just click once in Code mode, then double-clicking in Design mode solves the problem.

  30. Vanessa says:

    Hi – I think my problem is related to a lot of the above! This page was created before I got here and we are updated to CS4 now. Does anyone have any idea why my templates won't update? It says that there is an error on line 3…..no idea what it is!

    Hope you can help.

  31. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Vanessa. A few things:

    (1) Without seeing what's on line 3 of your Template, it's hard to guess what's wrong. It may be the Content-Type line, which shouldn't have the semi-colon.

    (2) If your site pages weren't created correctly via the Template (File > New > select your template … but make sure the box saying "Update page when Template changes" is checked), then the pages won't update.

    Also, I'd highly suggest that you update your Template to include a DOCTYPE (which specifies what version of HTML you're using and also specifies to browsers how to display the code). It will also enable you to to validate your code via the W3.org validator. Try creating a new HTML file in Dreamweaver … the DOCTYPE should be the very first line.

    And, if you use a DOCTYPE, Dreamweaver will also write code according to that version of HTML, and will either fix or point out any errors. At least, those that it can catch.

  32. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I did try to do the DocType and took it out because i didn't know what it meant. I will put it back for sure now! What was in line three was:

    I'm suspecting the pages wern't made with the template correctly..but i can't even apply the template to them. It is so frustrating when you are dealing with someone else's work.

    is there a way to see if they are supposed to automatically update or not? are you able to change that after the pages are created?

    Thank you.

  33. Diane Vigil says:

    Well, if this was my site, this is what I'd do:

    (1) Make a
    backup copy of the entire website
    and set it aside so that, if an error occurs, you'll have a pristine copy. (Always a good idea.)

    (2) In the Template, add the doctype, correct the Content-Type line, and save the Template. If it updates the site pages, then fine.

    I'll bet it won't though, because while there are indications that your home page, at least, was built with a Template, important parts of the Template encoding are missing.

    My commercial site, DianeV.com, was built with a DW Template. By viewing the source code, I see this:

    <html><!– #BeginTemplate "/Templates/dianev.dwt" –>

    Notice that it specifies which Dreaweaver Template? Dreamweaver does that on its own when you either create a page from a Template (File > New) or apply a Template to a page. Yours is missing the template notation. Now, I haven't upgraded to DW CS4, but I'm fairly sure that specifying which Template is to be used would still be part of how it works, especially since one can have multiple DW Templates for a website, and even nested DW Templates. In your case, how is DW supposed to know which Template to update the pages with?

    So, what I'd do if #2 above didn't work in updating the Template is, after making a backup copy of the entire site, I'd open each page in DW, then do:

    Modify > Templates > Apply Template to Page
    (You'll be prompted to select the Template — and remember to check the "Update Pages when Template Changes" box.)

    Once you've done that, edit your Template and save … DW should update the entire site (specifically, all the pages that you've done this with).

    Let me know how it goes!

  34. Diane Vigil says:

    P.S. I hope you refreshed this page, as I edited my comment. Multiple times, in fact. <grin>

  35. Vanessa says:

    Yes, I was looking at that and it appears the pages don't have a template attached. however, in the code, there is gray code that I cannot edit denoting a template was used? I tried applying the template, but I guess an error occured with my template.

    I'm considering throwing my hands up with this one. The sisters will be moving to the congregation site http://www.sosf.org (they just merged) so this one hopefully won't be up for more than a year longer (because of e-mail purposes). I just wanted to take a link out of the menu…..but it may be too much work to reformat a site that is planning to be ousted.

    I appreciate you time with my question and i'm going to look at all these things to see if it will work, but I don't think i'm going to rebuild the template and reapply it. I did'nt create this particular site…so I think I would go insane!

    While i haveyour attention – any suggestions for a web site that discusses basic HTML, in particular, puncuation and what it means? I work in communications with writing and designing so i'm a little less experienced with html and the "techie" side of things.

    Thank you so much.

  36. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. I figure that DW is not able to do it because there are partial DW Template elements on the pages. I'm not sure why that was done, but it was probably *not* done in DW … my guess is that they used another program to remove some, but not all, of the Template elements from the individual pages.

    In that case, you'll could ensure that your Template is correct, and then just re-create each page by doing this:

    File > New > select template (ensuring that the Update Page when Template changes box is checked), then cut and paste your content into the various Editable areas. (Assuming that you've specified the "editable" areas.)

    That would probably be the fastest way to take care of it.

    Basic HTML … I'd suggest http://htmldog.com — it's probably the most bare bones explanation that you'll run across.

    Lastly, you're very welcome, and I do hope that it goes well.

  37. Vanessa says:

    Sounds like a tricky operation! It looks like they used smart webby? i've never used that.

    That is a great site! it's nice to know some basics and what they truely mean! (other than seeing what happens when you take them out, hahaha)


  38. Diane Vigil says:

    Yep, it is indeed a great site.

  39. Robert Quinlan says:

    Thanks for all the helpful posts. I had the nested error and when I more carefully went over the code found the html error corrected it and voila – it worked..

  40. Diane Vigil says:

    You're very welcome, Robert. The error can be difficult to spot, but at least we have a clue via Dreamweaver's nested editable regions message.

  41. Kevin says:

    In addition to using Dreamweaver CS3, I do a lot of hand coding using Notepad++ which is an excellent free code editor. It supports HTML, CSS, PHP and many other languages, and has an FTP addin to boot so you can edit code on live websites. It doesn't rewrite code either, so it won't mess up code that other programs like Dreamweaver like to have it.

    In the case of the issues discussed in this blog post, it would help find HTML tag errors quickly. It highlights both HTML tags when the cursor is in either the starting or closing tag. If one or the other is missing, it doesn't highlight. It has helped me many times and I prefer it to Dreamweaver, once I have the page design set up.

  42. Diane Vigil says:

    Thanks — that's a great tip, since if you're having this problem, Dreamweaver is not exactly catching it and highlighting it for you.

  43. Danielle says:

    My source code is still there in dreamweaver but the design mode seems to made all sources invisible. I don't know what happen, it was all there one minute and gone from every page the next. Help!

  44. Diane Vigil says:

    Yes, Design View gives you a view of the design, more or less like it would look in a browser. That's what it's supposed to do.

    Try Code View, or Split View.

    Also, if you're using DW CS5, when you use Live View, it shows how it would look on the server, and is uneditable while Live View is turned on. Turn that off if you want to edit the page.

  45. Adam B says:

    Hi Diane,

    I read through this entire post and tried many of the solutions, with no luck.. given I am not very experienced in HTML.
    I am continuously getting the message when I try to save my template: "Error at line 29, column 77(absolute position 737: nested editable regions".

    Here is my code from line 27 to 44:


    Hopefully you can help!

  46. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Adam. It looks like your code got stripped out of your comment. Can you upload the template (or a page made from the template), and post a link to it here so that we can take a look?

  47. Adam B says:

    I uploaded it here, sorry about the zip file.


    Thanks again

  48. Diane Vigil says:

    Aha. Just as I suspected — you're missing a closing </head> tag on the line above your <body> tag. Just FYI, the basic structure of an HTML page is:

    stuff in here
    on-page stuff here

  49. Diane Vigil says:

    Re the doctype, many years ago, I wrote an HTML tutorial (which would have to be updated), but you can read about the doctype stuff here.

    Also, it helps fantastically if you can read HTML.

  50. Adam B says:

    Wow it worked..thank you so much!
    I am going to spend some time reading the htmldog.com tutorials so I don't feel so overwhelmed..thanks again!!!

  51. Adam B says:

    And from now on I will use the ..Diane for mayor!

  52. Diane Vigil says:

    You're very welcome, Adam. I always like someone who wants to learn this stuff. Glad I could help.

  53. Diane Vigil says:


  54. Adam B says:

    Hi Diane,

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I have been having an issue with the forms on my website which I was hoping you could help me with.

    The forms on my site:


    Are inconsistent when it comes to submitting, as I get this error message sometimes:

    Bad Referrer – Access Denied

    The form attempting to use this script resides at http://protechelectronics.com/contact.html, which is not allowed to access this program.

    If you are attempting to configure FormMail to run with this form, you need to add the following to @referers, explained in detail in the README file.

    Add 'protechelectronics.com' to your @referers array.

    I have tried changing the @referrers field in the document but it still does not work. These forms are very important and I can't afford to have them working inconsistently! I have already contacted my webhost/isp over the issue and they made a change(not sure what) that made them work temporarily, but I still receive the error message when testing on different computers.

    Hope you can help!
    Thanks in advance

  55. Diane Vigil says:

    I've not used FormMail, as we use a Perl .cgi script for email. So, while I'm not familiar with it, the @referers would seem to be a way to bar other websites from sending email through your FormMail script on your server.

    So … one way or another, you'll need to update the @referers. I'm presuming that's in the FormMail script itself, so you'll need to do it there. That is, if you can download it, make a backup copy, then add your domain name, then upload it. (Upload would presumably have to be as ASCII rather than binary.)

    If that doesn't work, I'd ask your web host where you are supposed to update the @referers.

    And if that doesn't work, I'd look around for a different email script. Yours forces you to embed your email address in the HTML, which likely means email spammers get it and bombard it with spam.

  56. Adam B says:

    Hi Diane,

    I am having another problem with my site and I figured I would ask you since you have been a great help in the past.

    Well I was trying to make some updates to my homepage but when I open my index (homepage)in dreamweaver the layout is completely different and all over the place, like it is not following the template at all. If you copy and paste the source code from my site homepage into DW and compare it to how it looks now on the web, you will see what I mean.

    I have not changed any code since the last time that should be a problem so I really do not know what the issue is..hopefully you can help me again!


  57. Diane Vigil says:

    Huh. From looking at your home page source code, there are some oddities, specifically this:

    <!– saved from url=(0014)about:internet –>

    It looks like it was saved (in IE?) and then uploaded … or, per this page, that you were testing in IE locally and it added that code (although I test locally in IE, and do not get that code). This page may help:

    Well … if this was me, I'd check whether the DW Template validates, and if the site is not too large, just redo the pages.

    Unless you can think of something else.

  58. Adam B says:

    Thanks for the fast reply..
    I wasnt sure about that IE code so I took it out.
    And I checked the 'validate current document' and there seem to be alot of errors such as tables without attributes, etc. Can this be fixed in the CSS?

    Its weird because even if I open a old backup of my homepage (which doesnt have recent changes made to it) I am getting the same layout mistakes, such as no top banner (which should come from the template)..any reason you can think of for this?

    Thanx Diane

  59. Diane Vigil says:

    > And I checked the 'validate current document' and there seem to be alot of errors such as tables without attributes, etc. Can this be fixed in the CSS?

    Most of these are for height attribute tags on p tags; you'd just need to change that to CSS. (The Validator doesn't seem to like such things.)

    > Its weird because even if I open a old backup of my homepage (which doesn't have recent changes made to it) I am getting the same layout mistakes, such as no top banner (which should come from the template)..any reason you can think of for this?

    Is the template still there?

    Also, you seem to have three external CSS files, plus some CSS in the <head> of the document. Are all these CSS files there … or are they interfering with each other?

    I also noticed this in the Validator:
    webbot bot="HTMLMarkup"

    That seems to indicate either FrontPage or IE.

    There's definitely something odd going on here, but I think you'll need to do a little more sleuthing.

  60. Adam B says:

    After trying to solve these problems all night I finally gave up and redid the page..thanks again for the help Diane glad it works now.

  61. Diane Vigil says:

    I can understand that. Sometimes that's just the way to go.

  62. Kerrana says:

    Thank you so much for this tip. I thought I was going to have to start coding all over again but you saved me a lot of time and hassle!

  63. Chris H says:

    Hello Diane,

    I have a very limited background in web design/coding but i have been becoming familiar with Dreamweaver CS4 recently when the business i work for needed editing done to their existing website. I own "Dreamweaver CS4: The Missing Manual," and was attempting to follow the books instructions while editing the pages template. If you look at the site, there is an outdated recent products section along the left margin. I was attempting to remove a part from the section and the text made it seem like if the template was edited, each page made from that template would automatically reflect the changes. So i made the change, and saved over the existing template(rookie mistake i know). When i attempted to then apply the template i got an error message saying, "Template File C:\A1SB-Web\Templates\A-1 Standard.dwt is nested inside itself(directly or indirectly.)" Now i obviously cant access the working original template, as i saved over it. Is there any way to recover the existing template from the site itself(which is still being used on the website because the changes i made never took effect)? Or any ideas how to successfully overwrite the old template with my edited version and make it take effect?


  64. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Chris.

    My best advice is that, prior to editing a Dreamweaver template, make a copy of the entire website … mistakes happen, and this way you'll be protected.

    Secondly (as I think you've noted), I'm not sure what you did, but it sounds like you edited some page or file and then saved it over the Template. Instead, when you need to make a change to a Dreamweaver Template, make your edits in the Template itself and save — which will cause DW to update all the associated pages.

    Is there any way to recover the existing template from the site itself(which is still being used on the website because the changes i made never took effect)?

    Any chance you uploaded the original DW Template to the site? <wink> Barring that, you can probably download a page off the root directory (which would be closest in structure to the DW Template, and try to reconstitute your template from that.

  65. Leumas95 says:

    The Missing Header Tag Did It For Me (Cant Belive I Missed It)

  66. ayoola says:


    I work with Dreamweaver CS5.
    I made made a mistake of not linking my pages whilst developing them and now I have saved into templates only to find out my error. Is there a way I can retrieve my original index.html file so I can at least start from some point not too far.

    I will keep trying while I shall expect your earnest response. Hope I get lucky.


  67. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Ayoola. I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say, but it seems to me that you may not have a correct idea of how Dreamweaver templates work (as opposed to regular templates). I'd recommend learning more about them.

    I don't know where your original index file went (you didn't say), so it's difficult to answer your question.

  68. ayoola says:

    Hi Diane,

    Don't worry about it. I've had it sorted. I may have some issues sometimes, but trust me, I use DW very well and effectively too.

    Thanks anyways.

  69. Robert Wilde says:

    hi i am having a issue with dreamweaver with editiable regions it says i have a nested editiable region when i dont think i do e.g. it will say line 71 is a nested editable region when all it says is . im really stuck any help would be aprreciated thank you

  70. Diane Vigil says:

    Robert, I don't know whether the blog software removed something from your comment (after "all it says is"), but I'd suggest looking through your coding a little closer.

    What it sounds like is that there's a missing closing tag for an editable region, and then a new editable region within that — so the new one is "nested" in the earlier unclosed editable region.

  71. Tutone says:

    I was having this issue while trying to add a library item into a template that I was creating. The library item used a rollover image which had been set to preload. In this case Dreamweaver was calling the right line of code into question but it was code that had been created automatically by dreamweaver for the preload. Once I unchecked "preload rollover image" when creating the rollover, all was well. Hope this helps somebody – took me a couple hours to figure out, only after coming across this site for clues. Thanks.

  72. Diane Vigil says:

    Tutone, thanks so much for your information. The solution to the scenario you've described is not something that would be be immediately guessed at, so I too hope it helps someone.

  73. Ann Walker says:

    Spot-on advice!

    I also Googled the error and came straight here. I checked the tag and found I had 2 opening tags for some reason. Removing the excess one solved the problem.

    Thanks very much for posting your solution.

  74. Diane Vigil says:

    Excellent! Glad it helped.

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