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Yahoo WordPress Hosting

In checking out WordPress 2.0, I noticed a post snippet on the "Dashboard" (the WordPress admin/control panel home page) of a post by Matt Mullenweg on the WordPress blog. It seems that, following Yahoo's adoption of MovableType as its default blogging tool, Yahoo has added Yahoo WordPress Web Hosting — a one-click WordPress installation affair.

This is pretty clever of Yahoo; they've bundled the WordPress blog hosting with the free Yahoo email account (one's general Yahoo login), 200 email addresses, 5 Gigs of space (on the Starter account), etc., etc.

The WordPress page also notes a choice of WordPress templates and easy WordPress version upgrades. A quick call to Yahoo Web Hosting verified that FTP access is included, which kind of rounds out the offering so far as I am concerned — one might want a customized design, after all, and designing with CSS is not just a matter of installation and -bingo!- you're done.

At any rate, it sounds like Matt is pretty excited (who wouldn't be — Yahoo taking up one's product?!):

We think the above makes a very compelling case for WordPress users to check out Yahoo hosting, and see what we believe is the best WordPress hosting experience on the Web. As always, if you have any feedback on Yahoo or any other host we feature, please let us know.

Indeed. What a coup.

One Comment to "Yahoo's WordPress Web Hosting"

  1. ed says:

    Thats cool news. Now yahoo is biiger then before.

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