Them Doctypes'll Kill Ya

Interesting thread over at cre8asite, where the designer had found that the linked header images in his gorgeous layout were underlined. Or, what appeared to be underlined. Lots of discussion about text-decoration, borders, padding, removing whatever and etc. After a bit of cleaning up the code and messing with it, one of those "what if" moments: I simply switched the doctype from XHTML strict to XHTML transitional and -voila!- all fixed.

I sometimes wonder what the value is in using the XHTML strict doctype. It ought to be renamed to "XHTML punishing" — no? Or perhaps XHTML Grief. Maybe it's the bragging rights:

Yeah, man, I code in, like, XHTML Strict.

But I'll rush to add:

  1. I may in future be quite sorry I said that.
  2. I suspect that geeks are becoming hip even outside of geekdom.

Well, yeah, so now you know what I find interesting. :)

By the way, I love the way the IPB forum software puts each post in a separate container, so that the oversized width of the one post (with the images) does not cause all other posts on the page to stretch offscreen.

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