Lynda on Flash Video Integration

I received the latest Lynda Weinman newsletter, this one about Lynda.com's Flash Professional 8 video integration tutorial:

Do you want to learn how to combine the appeal of video with the rich interactivity of Flash? If so, Flash Professional 8 Video Integration with Lee Brimelow is the tutorial for you. The training will teach you how to use video in Flash Professional 8 to create everything from online sales brochures to full-length features. In this comprehensive tutorial, Lee takes you from the idea stage to a finished, professional production.

Indeed. Yes, I think I would.

What I like about Lynda.com's tutorials is that they're presented in full video/audio … they walk you through everything from start to finish, narrating as you watch the cursor movements onscreen. I've also discovered interesting little tidbits; the kind of thing you wouldn't normally learn. And, no, I'm not affiliated with the site or the company; just a huge fan — as I have been since the '90s.

Nice stuff.

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