Dreamweaver FTP Can't Connect

As I've mentioned before, Dreamweaver's FTP works fantastically well. No need to switch to another FTP program to FTP files that you're already looking at in DW's tree view.* Except that, in some circumstances, DW simply will not connect to the server, no matter that you've followed all the usual instructions.

Thanks to Craig Lido for pointing me to Macromedia's Dreamweaver TechNote:

Add a colon and the port number to the end of the FTP host name in the FTP Host text box. The FTP host name will appear similarly to the following examples:

Much appreciated.

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  1. Becky Bohman says:

    I just switched hosting companies and am having difficulties connecting to the server through Dreamweaver. I have ALWAYS used Dreamweaver for coding, designing, uploading, etc. but for some reason with this new server, it absolutely will not accept my username and password. I've connected using FileZilla just fine using the same login info, but for some reason Dreamweaver is being stubborn. Any ideas please?

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    A few things to try:

    – make sure you're using the correct username and password
    – are you
    – try the tips in my article above
    – In Sites > Manage Sites > Edit > Remote Info, deselect "Use Secure FTP (SFTP)

    One of those ought to do it. Let me know what happens.

  3. moira says:

    I have been using an old version – Dreamweaver 2 – which has been great – and now I am having ftp problems. I have tried all of the above and I still get a message – host found connecting – and then – an ftp error occurred – connect make connection to host.
    I have rung mine host and want me to use their Zilla thing as well which I have to buy. Why would I when D/W has been perfect. Hope you can help.
    Cheers Moira

  4. Diane Vigil says:

    A couple of questions: have you switched hosts recently? If not, have they changed something? Are you trying to upload via a secure connection (SFTP) that's being rejected?

    You can always try Filezilla, which is free. If nothing else, that may give you some clues.

    Thing is, I'm not sure whether FTP protocols may have changed. I used WS_FTP '95 for years before upgrading, and then using DW's internal FTP functions. So I'm not sure whether there may be something different with respect to FTP functions this much later on.

  5. Joshua Solomon says:

    I was having the same issue with Dreamweaver not connecting to my site via ftp while Filezilla was having no problems. Here's what I did:

    Go into: Manage Sites

    Select Your Site

    Click Edit

    Select the Advanced Tab

    Select Remote Info from the list on the left.

    Then in the ftp host enter:
    your Static IP address followed by :21

    NOW HERE IS THE KEY!! Change the FTP Time Out setting

    Click the button that says "Firewall Settings"

    Find "FTP time out:"

    Replace the 2 Seconds with 10 Seconds.

    Then try it if it still doesn't work check the "Use passive FTP" check box and try again.

  6. Diane Vigil says:

    Port number 21? Interesting; mine's already set for port 21 in the firewall settings, but not in the host name.

    Thanks, Joshua.

  7. john says:

    i had the same prob. filezilla connects but not DW. i only changed my timeout, under "firewall settings" from 10 secs to 60 secs and that fixed it.

  8. Diane Vigil says:

    Excellent. Great tip, John.

  9. Steve Douglas says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Adding the colon and the port made DW CS3 immediately connect! I'd been getting the dorky error dialogs for over an hour until I found this site and your suggestion.

    Thanks again!

  10. Janell says:

    I've been using dreamweaver (MX2004) for over 2 years now with absolutely no problems connecting to the ftp. Within the last 3 days, it's gone to hell; and nothing will connect – I get the "failed to connect to server" or "server unavailable/not accepting new connections" and occasionally the "timed out" error. I'm curious if it's a server issue, as I've tried connecting from a different FTP program with no luck as well (although it still works occasionally more often than DW does); but according to my host, nothing of the sort is going on with them.

    I've tried all of the above tricks and gotten nowhere. Considering this is my business website, I'm more than a bit peeved. Any ideas?

  11. Diane Vigil says:

    That's odd, if another FTP program also can't connect to the server. I have occasionally had a problem uploading PDF files with DW (in which case I upload them with WS_FTP), but that's about it.

    What types of files are you trying to upload?

    Otherwise, if it's not something along these lines, I'd guess that it may be a server issue — but, in any case, it's hardly convenient not to be able to update your business website.

  12. Bob says:

    Woohoo "Use passive ftp fixed an issue a customer of our ISP was having – TY

  13. Diane Vigil says:

    Excellent! Glad it helped.

  14. Fred says:

    I have tried all of your suggestions. Still no connection. Anything else I can try? Outside of re-installing.

  15. Diane Vigil says:

    I'm not sure that reinstalling will help; if Dreamweaver is working otherwise but you can't FTP to the server, that's where the error lies.

    If you've tried all the other suggestions, one thing I'd suggest would be to contact your web host. For instance, it may be that your host has specified something else than :80:


    Something else I recently encountered: a new server was configured a little differently than "normal" and I, of course, was trying different methods of connecting via Dreamweaver (click, click, click in rapid succession) … so the server ended up blocking me! LOL. At any rate, the upline web host sorted it out and all is fine.

    Let me know how it goes.

  16. Fred says:

    Hey Diane,

    Contacted my host. Tried the port. It didn't work.
    It's so frustrating. :(



  17. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. Let's start here: who is your web host?

  18. omar says:

    im having the same problem and im with godaddy

  19. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. In Dreamweaver, in the Site definition (in the Advanced tab), the HTTP address should be something like this:

    or http://yoursite.com/www/
    or http://yoursite.com/htdocs/

    Normally, you can find this info simply by FTPing in to your web hosting account.

    The thing with GoDaddy is finding your actual server path, which isn't obvious when you FTP in. Let's say your username is xyz444. Your server path for Dreamweaver might be:


    If you don't have this information, call GoDaddy. Ignore any advice they give you that the problem is your "web designer" or "Dreamweaver". If you get the right info, the above should work.

    Unfortunately, not all the GoDaddy tech support folks are aware of the above.

  20. Phil says:

    OMG I\'m so new at this. I was entering the site as ftp://mydomain.com
    I changed it to mydomain.com:21 and that fixed it. I figured I would put that out there in case someone else made that mistake.

  21. Adrian Guerra II says:

    Copy the actual IP address with port number (ex. fixed the problem for me. It seems as though Dreamweaver is not changing the domain name to the ip address after submitting for test.

  22. Chris says:

    Ok for a few people out there I tried absolutely everything and the only thing that worked was to use the ip address instead of the ftp server name http://ftp.mysite.com for example.

    I am on Mac OSX 10.5 using Dreamweaver CS4. It seems to be a bug. I could connect to all my servers via my other ftp client and some servers using DWCS4 but not ones that all began with the same server name. Anything that was http://ftp.mysite.com for example would not connect.

    Like Adrian it appears the ftp address was not getting converted to an IP address.

  23. Chris says:

    Note to moderator please remove above urls in my post as one links to a real ftp area. My bad :/

  24. Diane Vigil says:

    I switched it to "mysite.com".

  25. enolam says:

    thank you all / close to pulling my hair out

  26. Anshul says:

    Thanks a lot guys! Switching to using passive ftp solved my problem.
    Cheers !!

  27. Diane Vigil says:

    You're welcome, Anshul. Glad it helped. :)

  28. Gdub says:

    Passive FTP worked for me – excellent tip after searching online for about 30 minutes. Also added yourdomain.com:21

    Thanks again.

  29. Diane Vigil says:

    Cool. Glad it helped. :)

  30. Michael says:

    I could not get dreamweaver to connect to host no matter what!

    I solved the problem by converting my 'FTP Host Address' to an 'IP address' (i.e. what was 'ftp.blahblah.com' is now '').

    You can convert your Host address to an IP easily using this website:


    Brilliant! Thanks to Adrian and Chris above!

  31. Diane Vigil says:

    Good point, Michael. I've often used IP addresses for FTP host purposes.

    Not sure (not enough coffee yet) how that would work if the website is on a shared IP. It's *possible* that it would work based on the username/password combination.

  32. stephanie says:

    I have a problem similar to what is posted here. Any help is badly needed.

    I use DWMX2004 on a G5 Mac using OSX10.5.8.

    Working great no problems at all. Then all of a sudden FTP won't connect. To any servers, godaddy, yahoo, none.

    I do not have a router or any type firewall, nothing has changed on my computer, noting downloaded or added, nothing at all

    I have tried every type fix above and then some all I get is "An FTP error occurred – cannot make connection to host. The server is not responding."

    Oddly the error comes up immediately, it doesn't go thru the "trying to connect" progress bar. Its like it doesn't even try, just errors immediately.

    I took my DWMX2004 install disk to my friends house he kindly let me install it on his mac computer (fresh) and it connected perfectly.

    So something in my dreamweaver operating files corrupt and not attempting FTP or something blocking it?

    But what would cause this? I have scanned for viruses, etc. finding nothing.

    I have no idea where to even start looking. I maybe need to uninstall DWMX2004 from my computer but not sure how to get it all out so I can install it fresh, maybe that will do it.

    thank you very much any help is appreciated i am pulling my hair out!

  33. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. This is a nice puzzle. :)

    When you say "all of a sudden FTP won't connect", do you mean Dreamweaver's FTP, or any FTP? Have you tried connecting to a server with another FTP program?

    If another FTP program will connect, but DW won't, then it sounds like a reinstall may be the answer.

  34. CGR says:

    Just had this with Dreamweaver MX, it was strange because it's worked fine with the configuration since it was installed, I was even able to test the ftp settings.

    However I do have to enter in /httpdocs/ in the host directory, not sure if that affects in any way?

    Couldn't upload a file, but I was able to browse to the remote view of the site, when I browsed back to the local view it worked again.

    Although lately I have been getting a problem with Dreamweaver losing my FTP username/logon

    Time to upgrade to the latest version methinks!

  35. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi CGR,

    You can save your Site settings:
    Site > Manage Sites > Export

    Then save it somewhere. When it drops out, just do:
    Site > Manage Sites > Import

    As to why your DWMX suddenly couldn't connect — was it to a server/website where it had previously worked?

    And, yes, you'd have to put in /httpdocs (without the last slash). Otherwise, you may find yourself uploading to the directory above the website root directory.

    Another thing that could be weird is that perhaps you tried to upload and overwrite a file that had been uploaded by root (in which case it wouldn't work). Or perhaps it was a temporary server glitch, or a temporary lapse in your Internet connectivity. Hard to say without knowing more.

  36. AR says:

    I have just bumped into the same problem. Thought it might have been something to do with my system so did system restore and it's still giving me same error. But it works perfectly fine with FileZila

    I've tried doing everything suggested in this discussion so far : checking username/password, converting to IP address and adding relative port number, switching passive ftp and SFTP but no luck at all.

    Since I've just switched to new host, I've just opened support ticket with them hoping to solve this issue because it is truly annoying.

  37. Diane Vigil says:

    Who's the web host? For one, GoDaddy requires special setups; see Comment #19.

  38. AR says:

    I have just switched to Host Media UK last week.

    Just tried the comment #19 way by adding the extensions but it doesn't seem to go anywhere. One thing I've noticed is that when I test it using my site's IP address and Port number it then gives me another error saying "Dreamweaver could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connection"

  39. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. Comment #19 was for GoDaddy hosting. I would check with your web host, as there may be something different about the FTP setup. But the "server is down or not accepting connection" does not sound good.

    I saw that you tried passive FTP and SFTP. Since that didn't work, I'd check with your host.

  40. Rizal says:

    i am still having same the problem.. an error can not find the host? any ideas….

  41. Diane Vigil says:

    Hard to tell. Have you tried any of the solutions posted above?

  42. JG says:

    I seem to be having an issue with connecting to FTP through Dream Weaver CS4 on Mac OSX version 10.5.7. I was uploading fine to my website through Dream Weaver. I then decided to redo the site to make it better and now for the life of me I can't connect anymore.

    It doesn't even look like its trying to connect, the error appears instantly. I merely click test and it says can't connect. There is no wait time, changing the time out time did nothing.

    I have tried the IP address and nothing. I have tried the ftp address and nothing. I have changed my password even to see if I was typing it wrong and still nothing.

    I honestly don't think its even trying to connect. I have been at this for a few days now and I'm pretty close to losing my mind. I paid a lot of money to get a host and domain name through Godaddy.com and its just not working.

    Any ideas as how I should approach this?

  43. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi, JG. I don't have a Mac, so I can't advise there — but I've helped clients with Macs connect via Dreamweaver, so I don't think that's the issue.

    You didn't mention when you got the GoDaddy hosting, but their FTP setup is a little different. See the second part of my Comment #19:

    The thing with GoDaddy is finding your actual server path, which isn't obvious when you FTP in. Let's say your username is xyz444. Your server path for Dreamweaver might be:

    Root Directory: /

    Web URL: http://yoursite.com/home/content/x/y/z/html/

    I got that information from GoDaddy techs — but, to be honest, they don't all have that information.

    See if that helps. If not, I would call GoDaddy.

  44. AR says:

    Alright I got mine to work now after opening up a support ticket with my host.

    Baisically change your http://ftp.yourwebsite.com to IP address like mentioned above, in your host directory just put /public_html/ and use passive FTP.

    Now it works perfectly fine for me so if anyone is still having trouble try it out, might work out for you as well.

  45. Diane Vigil says:

    Thanks! Although I don't think this would work in any case:


    It would have to be something like (without any http — WordPress keeps inserting it):

    But … whatever works. :)

  46. AR says:

    Oh ye apologies, it came out wrong.

    I meant to say change your ftp host from http://ftp.yourwebsite.com to it's IP address

  47. Diane Vigil says:

    Yes, I understood. Regardless of the IP address issue, I'm just saying that putting the http:// in front of http://ftp.yourwebsite.com will not work in any case.

    EDITED: Oh, I see what's happening. When we write ftpDOTsomething, WordPress puts the http:// in front of it. (How annoying!)

  48. Claudia says:

    In Dreamweaver 8, when I TEST my login and password via Site > Manage Sites > Edit > Remote Info I get the message: "Macromedia Dreamweaver connnected to your web server successfully".

    But when I try to connect to the remote host via the connect butoon or by uploading a document, I get the message: "An FTP error occurred — cannot make connection to host…"

    I tried all the fixes above but none worked.

    I talked to our remote host folks, and they could see in the log when I connected successfully, and could see when I immediately tried to connect and failed and that they said this time it showed up as Anonymous on their side.

    But they were not able to help me figure out WHY this happened…

    Oh, and if I try to FTP the files up via Windows Explorer, there is no problem with the login and password there.

    So, it sounds like DW issue???

    Thanks for any and all help!!!!!

  49. Diane Vigil says:

    Ah, the oddities …

    When you connect to the remote host, can you click on the little square icon (Connect to Local and Remote Host) … can you see the server files?

    I've never seen a situation in which DW verified that it could connect to the remote host but, on upload, was unable to connect.

    I wonder why you were identified in the server logs as Anonymous. I'd look further into that.

  50. Diane Vigil says:

    Hmm. I'm wondering whether you have the server path to the document root correctly in the Site specifications; for example:


    I don't know that your server would disconnect you if the site/document root was incorrect, but it might.

  51. Claudia says:

    I hadn't changed anything. Is it possible that the folks who redesigned our website made some such change? I will ask them.


  52. Claudia says:

    Oh, something you said just triggered something…(and to forewarn you…I am not super techno knowledgeable and may not succesfully explain myself well)….but our I.T. consultant recently created a script when our office computers shut down and restart which disconnects and reconnects our drives, including our server where our local DW/website documents are held. Do you think that could have anything to do with this?

  53. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. Did you check to see whether you're able to view the remote site (the server) in DW?

    I would talk to your IT department in any case.

  54. Claudia says:

    Yes, I can view the remote site in DW.
    I was able to "get" or download a file from the remote site.
    But I could not "put" or upload a file back up to the remote site without getting the "FTP…."error.

    That makes no sense to me…

    Thanks for your help so far Diane.

  55. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. I am wondering if your new designers had changed the file permissions on the site … such that you can't overwrite anything on the server.

  56. claudia says:

    I'll ask, but they are not terribly responsive.
    Thanks again for your ideas.

  57. dudi says:

    I read through this tread. But i still can not connect to server in DW… :(
    I`m using CS3 DW and my host is godaddy. I did try the tip above for godaddy. The result is that this time at least DW is tryed to connect (which instantly gave me hopes..lol) but then gives me a dialog box for "FTP error occurred". Did try SFTP and passive FTP as well, no change.

    I am able to connect to server with filezilla, but I am unable to upload my flash (swf and html) files. Actually, it shows as uploaded file but does not show in browser.

    Any further tip I could try?

  58. dudi says:

    I tried comment#19 but the part I am not really sure about is when you say

    "Let's say your username is xyz444. Your server path for Dreamweaver might be:

    Root Directory: /

    Web URL: http://yoursite.com/home/content/x/y/z/html/

    Why only the "…x/y/z/…" is in the path and the "444" is not from the hypothetical username?

  59. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi dudi. You are probably going to have to call GoDaddy about this.

    > Why only the "…x/y/z/…" is in the path and the "444? is not from the hypothetical username?

    I have no idea; I just know that that was what worked … they only used the first three characters of the username, or the first three characters plus some numbers. It's all a GoDaddy mystery. :)

    You might also try your GoDaddy documentation which I presume you received when you signed up with them.

  60. dudi says:

    Thanks Diane for the explanation!
    I tried with the first three characters and with their provied numbers, but still no connection.
    I`ll call them again… at least now I know what specific question to ask.

    Thank you

  61. V says:

    I tried all suggestions on this post and Dreamweaver was not connecting untill I checked my "LittleSnitch" rules. Make sure that if you use "LittleSnitch" that your rules allow Dreamweaver to connect to your host.

    I hope this helps

  62. Diane Vigil says:

    I hate it when it's something like that. Glad you figured it out.

  63. RB says:

    I'm trying to connect via FTP using Dreamweaver CS3 and did this process:

    Site > Manage Sites > New (FTP and RDS server) > >

    Name: DummyName
    Access type: FTP
    FTP host: http://www.dummyname.com (have tried http://www.dummyname.com:21, dummyname.com:21, dummyname.com)
    Host directory: blank
    Login: login
    Password: password
    URL prefix: http://www.dummyname.com/

    I've tried checking "Use passive FTP" and "Use firewall" individually and together. My firewall settings are:

    Always show: Local Files on the Right
    Dependent files: checked (prompt on get/check out)
    FTP connection: Disconnect after 30 Minutes idle
    FTP time out: 60 seconds
    FTP transfer options: Select default action in dialogs after 30 seconds
    Firewall host: blank
    Firewall port: 21
    Move options: checked

    I have also played around with Server Compatibility – unchecking "Use FTP performance optimization"

    But it still gives me the "Operation Timed Out..Cancelling.." Any ideas? I did try this:
    FTP host: http://ftp.irs.gov
    Host directory: leave it blank
    Username: anonymous
    Password: leave it blank

    to check if there's a firewall preventing me from connecting and that worked.

  64. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay. I haven't seen DW CS3, but I have these comments:

    – FTP host should be a domain name, or domain name and port (e.g., site.com:21) *if* the port is needed. No http, no www.

    – URL Prefix: not sure what this is, but I would leave it blank and let DW pick up the information.

    – Have you tried SFTP? Some servers won't let you FTP in insecurely. (Port is usually 22, but again, DW should pick that information up without you filing it in.)

    Lastly, are you able to FTP to the server with any other FTP program?

  65. RB says:

    Hi Diane. So I spent hours on this and the simple fix was just plugging in to the wall vs using WiFi at this office I'm in.

  66. Diane Vigil says:

    Geez. :) Well, at least it's sorted out.

  67. Darshi says:

    I Tried everything in this blog and still couldn't connect with DW (but could with filezilla so knew my setting were right)

    Finally that comment about littlesnitch gave me the clue. I noticed that the website I used to find out my ip address was giving me the wrong numbers but littlesnitch was able to convert the url to ip correctly when I made a new rule. Ahhhhhh!!!!

    Must be something to do with a shared ip, anyway I would suggest the most reliable way to get your correct ip is through Cpanel (or whatever your server uses) It should be listed on the left column.

  68. Diane Vigil says:

    > I noticed that the website I used to find out my ip address was giving me the wrong numbers but littlesnitch was able to convert the url to ip correctly when I made a new rule.

    Interesting. Glad you were able to find the solution (and the real IP address).

  69. Mark says:

    This has been a HUGE help!

    Nothing here solved my issue – however gave me a TON of things to check, do, recheck, and test.

    So, thank you!

    My DW MX 2004 would not connect to my website hosted (free hosting) by GoDaddy. I spent a whole hour thumbing through the internet and reading forums and blogs of people with the same issue.

    While I can not speak for DW CS3/4/5 etc, I was able to get my DW MX2004 to work.

    It had NOTHING to do with DW.

    I would recommend to EVERYONE having an issue getting DW to connect to their hosting server to check the following:

    ROUTER – Check your router settings, in some rare cases, you may have to turn ON the FTP in Port Forwarding.

    FIREWALL – If you are running a firewall on your Router, make sure you have allowed the proper connections. If you are running a firewall on your computer, or a program like snitch, make sure you have allowed the connection.

    My issue was with my ESET firewall. It is very peculiar (I love it) and I had to make a rule for DW to allow it to connect to and be connected from my web server.

    I can almost guarantee that 99% of the time, it will NOT be an issue with DW, or your Site Configuration.

    However, that said, the following is a VALID example of a site configuration for DW MX2004 using GoDaddy (free) hosting:

    Using the Advanced Tab;
    Local Info:
    The only thing here you need to make sure is correct is the "HTTP address:" box. You MUST type in the fully qualified http address, i.e.
    http://www.YourDomain.ext/ (where .ext is the extension .com .net .whatever – http://www.Example.org – for instance)

    Also in the Advanced tab;
    Remote Info;
    Access: FTP
    FTP host: ftp.YourSite.ext
    (no, you do not need http:// or ftp:// or ftp:)
    (–this is assuming you have NOT change ANY values in your DNS records at your registrar – whereas the default for the CNAME ftp is usually @ (or host) – if you have no idea what I just typed, ignore it as you most probably didn't change anything in your zone file)
    Host Directory: LEAVE THIS BLANK
    Login: your ftp login ID
    Password: your ftp login ID password

    Use passive FTP
    Use firewall
    Use Secure FTP (SFTP)

    Now, here is where it gets tricky. Once you have all the proper info typed in above click TEST.
    If you still have an issue, click the Server Compatibility… button. UNCHECK the box "Use FTP performance optimizaiton"

    This should allow your DW MX2004 to connect to your GoDaddy web host – provided you have allowed DW to do so via any firewall both local to your PC or on your router.

    Thank you!

  70. Mark says:

    Please NOTE in the above that this blog software automatically puts "http://" in front of the web address used in FTP Host: As noted however, you DO NOT need to use http://, ftp://, or ftp: in front of the address. You ONLY need "ftp.YourSite.ext"

  71. Diane Vigil says:

    Mark, thanks for your input. You're right that WordPress (the blog software) adds "http://" to the ftp line above. I was able to take the http:// out, in case anyone is wondering why it isn't there.

    Thanks for your extensive information.

  72. jeremy says:

    Thanks Mark, post 69

    After hours of mucking about I tried the settings you suggested and it works. Lord only knows why, but it does.

    Thanks you


  73. Geoff says:

    I am a web developer with many site profiles, and had FTP issues sometime back with Dreamweaver CS3. . It turned out that one of the site definitions had become corrupt. So I backed them up and restored them and all was resolved.


  74. ionrane says:

    I'm baffled.

    I've had dreamweaver settup properly for my remote server.

    I added a local testing server, which seems to be settup right – all works well UNTIL I try to
    "Put" files to the remote server.

    For some reason, it seems, instead to connect to the local XAMPP server. Of course, that means it just looks to see about overwriting the file with itself.

    If there is a whole directory of files to upload, then I DW's file transfer dialog (not nearly as informative ad Filezilla's transfer logs) runs for a long time. In the end, I see no changes.

    What could possibly be causing it to connect to the testing server to upload files?

    BTW, in manager, "Test" seems to connect to the remote server fine. (Took me a few tries to get that right initially), and if I change anything, including password, It no longer connects – this is the only clue I have that it's Testing the Remote connection, rather than simply connecting locally to the testing server !

    ? Any Suggestions ?

  75. Diane Vigil says:

    I don't use the local testing server feature, but it sounds it's doing what's described in Tad confused with Dreamweaver's Local View, Remote View, and Testing Server — although there's no solution presented. I suspect that that's the way it's supposed to work.

    But here's a solution from Murray, who's been a Team Macromedia Volunteer for Dreamweaver since before Adobe bought Macromedia: Managing sites: local, remote, testing.

  76. ionrane says:

    Thanks for your reply.

    The first link, basically re-states my problem, but as you stated, there is no solution.

    The second link, well the solution to the problem posed is exactly what I'm already doing..

    I must say I am impressed you found articles related to my problem!
    I have still had a difficult time finding a useful set of search terms for this particular issue. And still haven't been able to find a solution.

    Thank You so much for taking the time to research and respond to my question.

    Your Site is a Beautiful Site, By The Way..

    I don't think I clearly indicated the configuration I chose; I hope you don't mind the recap..

    -In site manager, I have the remote server setup.
    This has been established for quite some time. Nothing there has changed.
    TESTing my "Remote Server" via the link on its BASIC tab STILL Connects to my Web Server Successfully.
    -I installed a testing server (on my computer). My local site files are still in "thehrprofessionalsgroup" directory, but it has been moved to reside under the XAMPP (htdocs) directory, as required by xampp. This is akin to the directory on your remote server which runs your live website(s).
    -In site manager, I updated the "Local Site Folder," to the new location.
    -In site manager, I added an "xampp Testing Server" definition. Doing so in DW (CS5 and above) allows visual editing of dynamic wordpress files – Handy! Love It. Point is, this Clearly indicates my testing server is setup correctly. Yea!

    Now, when I "Put" a file (from my local/testing location), instead of connecting, like it should, to the remote server, it establishes a "remote" connection back to my Local server. ..And I think it actually copies the file into itself. Very Weird.
    It seems to ignore the Site Manager -> Servers – "REMOTE" checkboxes. It acts as if my "Xampp Testing Server" has Both "Testing" and "Remote" boxes checked, while my "Remote Server" has Neither..

  77. Diane Vigil says:

    I think I understand — when you're trying to put (upload) to the remote server, DW is uploading to your testing server.

    Murray's solution ("Create two sites") is a good one, although it seems slightly complex — however, it does seem to acknowledge that there's a problem with the testing server/remote server scenario.

    I'd just set up the site twice in DW (that is, make two Site definitions) … once for the testing server, and the second one for the real (remote server).

    Typically, when I'm designing sites for clients, I upload to a domain on our server where they can check out the progress, we can discuss, etc. However, once it's done, I just switch the DW Site definition (of the server location) to their server/web hosting account and upload the whole thing there.

    This would be somewhat the same … just two Site setups for one website; use the one for the testing server while you're working on it, and switch to the other when it's upload time.

    Does that make sense, and do you think it would work?

    (And thanks for the compliment on my website.)

  78. ionrane says:

    Here is my workaround:
    Disable the Testing Server definition to temporarily restore "Put" functionality.
    In Site Manager: Servers tab -> select the testing server definition (I had labeled mine "XAMPP Testing Server"), and Uncheck "Testing" box ("Remote" should already be Unchecked).
    So, I guess the workflow could be:
    -Enable Testing Server to edit files in DW;
    -Disable Testing Server to "Put" files on the Remote Server. (or use stand alone FTP software.)

    For me, 95% of the time, I prefer Filezilla to upload, download, and view my remote server directory. But, there are a few circumstances when I prefer having DW upload my files, so this "fix" hardly impacts my workflow.
    If I used DW for all, or most, of my remote operations, I would find it to be quite a pain!
    In that case, I would find it easier to create two site definitions in Site Manager:
    -One with a Testing Server.
    -The other, (almost) identical, but with Only a Remote server.
    Then just switch between the two "sites" from the File panel before/after uploading.
    If you do this, you'll have to ignore following warning:
    "The root folder you have chosen is the same as the folder for site '…'. This may cause some operations, such as synchronization, to work incorrectly. Proceed anyway?'
    Just click OK. I think that if it is the only method you use for uploading files (to that site), synchronization could still work, but I haven't tested that.
    I have never had problems by having site definitions with overlapping/nested folders. However, as I also use FTP software, I hardly pay attention to synchronization states. I'm interested in finding out if anyone knows how the above settup would impact synchronization tracking.

  79. ionrane says:

    ( Sorry, I just noticed your solution when I hit send.. )

    I did not anticipate my response would have been read so soon, and was busy coming up with the (same) solution and writing it up. I guess also I didn't read Murray closely enough to see any difference from what I was doing.

    Your response is quite Clear. :)

    WOW! .

    Thanks again for your response :D !

  80. ionrane says:

    Hey, I found a new Solution to this problem!

    In Site Manager -> Servers – double click on your [Remote Server definition]
    Choose "Advanced" tab.
    Testing Server -> Server Model:
    choose PHP MySQL .
    (or whatever is appropriate for your site – it would be whatever you chose for your REAL testing server. Or perhaps it doesn't matter, as long as it is not "none" – after all, it looks to your Testing Server definition for testing and running locally in DW).

    That's it!

    Under Site Manager -> Servers

    for your Remote server definition name: checkmark "Remote", uncheck "Testing"
    for your Testing server definition name : uncheck "Remote", check "Testing"

    With these settings, everything works as expected !

    IMHO: If the Remote site is Not being used as a testing server, I don't think it is appropriate, or correct to choose any Testing Server Model (other than "none") for the Remote (Non-Testing) Server definition. I see it as a bug introduced when CS5.5 overhauled it's Site Manager dialog box, but kept part of it's code using the legacy model. At best it is simply confusing.

    To me, it makes sense to set a Server Model for the Remote Server Only if it IS Also the Testing Server.
    Yet in such a case, having the drop down "Testing" server box in this location is redundant to having the Testing server Checkbox on in the "Server" main dialog. Worse, in fact, it allows contradictory settings (the hence the conflict I was experiencing) when: 1)Testing server Unckecked, and Testing Model: indicates a server model other than "none", such as "php MySQL", for example), OR 2)Testing server is Checked, but the Testing Server Model set to: "None".

    Instead, I think in Site Manager -> Server dialog..
    under the "Testing" column..
    next to each Testing Checkbox..
    -move the Testing Server Model drop-down box to this location.

    This would keep everything clearly defined!
    No Conflicts. No Confusion. Nothing hidden.

    Thanks for the voice..

  81. Diane Vigil says:

    Really nicely done, ionrane. Thanks!

    (From your lips to Adobe's ears. Crossing my fingers.)

  82. Diane Vigil says:

    For anyone trying to solve the testing server problem, note also Gordon's solution (Comment #1) in Dreamweaver FTP testing server and remote server problems.

  83. Glenn Graham says:

    The solution is much easier. And there's no problem having both a Testing server and Remote server configured. I've done it for over 10 years, using multiple version of Dreamweaver.

    Whether by design or not, the last site other than local that was selected in the file viewer, is the site that is uploaded to. So just select in the drop-down, either "Remote view" or "Testing server", then select "Local view". The most recent site that was selected before going back to "Local view" is the site that upload is now connected to. Ctrl+Shift+U or File -> Save to Remote Server… or any other various upload command sequences.

    So no tricks or other things needed.

  84. Diane Vigil says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the tip, Glenn.

  85. Felipe says:

    Wow, thank God I found this page! Great article and tips! I just want to thank Joshua, the blog author and everyone for taking the time to help us with this problem! I did what Joshua suggested and it immediately connected, thanks man! Nice page, keep up the good work! B-)

  86. Diane Vigil says:

    Excellent, Felipe! Glad it helped.

  87. Stuart says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for all of the suggestions above – I learnt a few new things whilst reading them. One of them helped me – I connected via wifi rather than wired connection and it solved the issue. Seems like it must be some router/firewall setting at the office i'm in – had absolutely nothing to do with DW!


  88. Diane Vigil says:

    Glad it helped — always good to know.

    Interesting re wifi versus wired. Are you connecting (to whatever site) via SFTP (secure FTP)? If so, and if there is a firewall, I'd have them take a look at the firewall ports. (By the way, I'm no firewall expert, but I know a bit.)

  89. Gus says:

    I've been completely through this page and tried every single "solution" time and again. I've rebooted, refreshed, et cetera, and all the while never gotten DreamWeaver to regain the instant FTP connectivity it once had. This applies, by the way, to dozens of websites that I maintain. Occasionally (and very rarely) it will connect for no clear reason. Five minutes later, not. And all through this time-consuming, frustrating experience, FileZilla continues to connect flawlessly with minimal fuss.

    I note that one or more contributors here have stated that DW is not the problem. I think that's being far, far too kind. If DW simply can't connect regardless of switches, settings, syntaxes, or whatever, then DW most certainly IS the problem. Moreover, it's apparent that Adobe has never offered a fix — presumably since it would affect sales of current products.

    This has been a most informative website where a lot of well-intending people have tried to unravel the DW mystery. I've been faithful to DW for about 10 years, but this discussion is really my last resort. I think that rather than spend the enormous money Adobe wants for the latest and greatest, I will probably make the change for something that is known to have reliable connectivity.

  90. Diane Vigil says:

    Interesting. Sorry that you aren't able to connect.

    I'm not sure what version you're using; I've been using Dreamweaver since the year 2000, used an external FTP program for a few years out of preference, then almost entirely switched to DW's internal FTP. In all that time, I've only occasionally had difficulty connecting with DW (which was solved once I figured out what the hitch was), which I'd guess was about eight or nine years.

    Also, if you read the comments above, you'll find that most of the commenters did, in fact, solve their connectivity problems. It's not that they all tried and failed and that no one ever connects. :)

    and all the while never gotten DreamWeaver to regain the instant FTP connectivity it once had

    If it were up to me, that's where I'd look. It once worked; now it doesn't; what changed?

    Anyway, it's up to you. Obviously, I'd recommend using whatever works for you. :)

  91. Gus says:

    When I say that I once had connectivity, I mean that for each website I've built or maintained, there was usually at least some ability to connect, and that inconsistency remains today. Today, maybe, tomorrow maybe not.

    BTW, I'm willing to bet that for at least some of the folks who have contributed above, their solutions were short-lived and perhaps haven't bothered to keep revisiting. That is certainly true for me.

  92. Diane Vigil says:

    Okay; hard to say, since it appears no one has returned to say their solution stopped working. And I know mine hasn't. But you could be right. Or not.

    Sounds strange, though, that your connectivity is inconsistent. I'll bet it has to do with DW settings, if you're able to connect via another FTP program without the inconsistencies. But, anyway … :)

  93. Julie says:

    Ive got the same problem as everyone else.
    Dreamweaver wont connect to my remote server, even though I have no problem connecting with Filezilla and can 'put' files without any issues.
    Ive tried adding :21 to my ftp hostname
    Ive tried changing my firewall'time out' to 90 seconds.
    As far as I know, nothing has changed from a couple of days ago, when it was working fine.
    Any ideas please?

  94. Diane Vigil says:

    Julie, if it was working fine a couple of days ago, and nothing has changed (not sure what you mean by that), then I would talk to your web host to see if anything has changed there. It sounds like somehow, somewhere, something did change. I'd just try to determine what that was.

  95. Julie says:

    Thanks Diane
    What I mean by – nothing has changed- is that Ive not changed any of the settings or changed anything with my provider.
    Ftp is fine with filezilla. It is just dreamweaver that has stopped working.
    I even took screen shots of the settings a few months ago – so I'd know how to reset them if I changed computer, so I know Ive not changed anything

    Any more ideas, greatfully received
    Thank you

  96. Glenn Graham says:

    Hi Julie, since I was able to easily solve the problem folks had back on 7/2/2012, I'll try to keep a perfect record going. I use both FileZilla and the built-in FTP of Dreamweaver, for at least three dozen FTP sites on many different types of servers and hosting accounts. Some are regular FTP, others are secure FTPS and some are even over VPS tunnels. I have not problem getting Dreamweaver to work in all those situations.

    OK, so you probably are thinking, "Well, great for you. But I'm the one with the problem." I believe if you click on my name you'll be taken to my company website where you can use any of the email links in "contact us" to send me screen shots of the error you're receiving. I can probably give you some definitive tips on a solution.

    Some of the comments posted here suggest switching between Passive FTP and Normal, and things like that. They possibly don't understand what those mean and what's going on. Passive FTP means that the server will be passive and allow you to define the FTP connection scenario. Most secure FTP servers are never configured to allow that. But some people would say, "My connection works…" Well that's usually because their FTP client is also configured to accept an override of their client settings, if the FTP server dictates otherwise.

    Most FTP clients do have a fallback specified in their configuration, or are set for "automatic" to sense settings depending on what the FTP server says to the client when initially trying to connect. That's what takes a long time when some people are connecting. Their default settings aren't accepted by the FTP server, and so then their client cycles through other choices until finally one works. If they wanted a quicker connection, they could learn what their FTP server needs and set that as their default setting.

    When these people talk about sometimes it connects quickly and sometimes it doesn't, it's possibly because in-between connections to this FTP server, they connected to another FTP site and therefore the "last used" setting in their FTP client has changed. So not it has to figure out again what this previous FTP server wants to see. And sometimes (just due to arbitrary network speed and FTP server loading and response) things time out before that discovery and resetting occurs. That's why for some, increasing the timeout works.

    Once I know the hosting provider and particulars of the FTP server that you're trying to connect to, along with the version of Dreamweaver and FTP settings you have, it should be relatively easy to get your situation fixed. I mean, everything in software is a piece of cake, right? LOL!!

    Happy to help you out if you like.

  97. Gus says:

    Thanks, Glenn. Okay, now since you have a much better understanding of the intricacies, then why not just give us all the barebones DW settings that FileZilla uses?

    By that I mean why can't we just shut off all the unnecessary checks and protocols you describe above for DW. Let's render the FTP connectivity for DreamWeaver exactly as it is for other programs. Wouldn't that solve the problem for so many of us?

  98. Diane Vigil says:

    Sounds good to me. That said, I have to say that I only have problems with the occasional site/server. Mostly not.

    ADDED: I just reread what you said, Gus. Filezilla does not use Dreamweaver settings; it's a stand-alone FTP program.

  99. Diane Vigil says:

    Here's my normal FTP setup in Dreamweaver:

    Server Name: Remote Server
    Connect Using: SFTP (presuming the server offers this)
    SFTP Address: site.com OR IP address (of site on server)
    Username: Hosting account username
    Password: Hosting account password
    Root Directory /public_html or as specified by hosting account
    Web URL: I leave this blank; DW will fill it in
  100. Glenn Graham says:

    Hi Gus, fair request. But it's not quite as simple as that. And as Diane says, the two are separate programs. Dreamweaver has an FTP client built into it.

    While they both are FTP clients, there are many differences from what sequence they each cycle through trying to automatically connect to the time they spend on each try and retry to connect. So even with seemingly similar settings, they won't behave the same.

    Within Dreamweaver there are several settings that can be made, including clicking on the "Server Compatibility…" button where you can uncheck using FTP performance optimization if having connection problems.

    But to just blindly changing things or increasing timeouts doesn't knowingly solve any of your problems. That's why some folks experience intermittent success and then failure. What one needs to do is to first understand the connection requirements (which are defined by the FTP server) and then configure you client to be compatible. And it's not just the client (Dreamweaver or FileZilla) but also your Internet connection comes into the mix. This includes your firewall settings and such.

    Most people have their PC with Windows firewall enabled and maybe an antivirus program running, all of which parse data packets and lengthen the time to connect. In my case as an example, I have an internal LAN with a Microsoft DNS server and a router that does security, so I can turn off Windows Firewall and I do not run significant antivirus software (like Norton, for example). But I also have a notebook that I travel with, and when it's in my office on the same LAN, it still is running Windows Firewall, Norton 360, a couple of other protection programs, Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit and the XAMP stack, yet it still connects fine through both Dreamweaver and FileZilla.

    So, apologies if it comes across as not giving you the answers outright, but it really is a case of needing to know the parameters of your FTP server at your hosting company, to then know how to configure your client. I used to use WSFTP Pro (I purchased it at full cost) for years but over the last three years, too many sites that I needed to connect to just weren't compatible with it. So a couple of years ago I completely switched to FileZilla. (for a year or so I was using both) I was initially upset but finally accepted that WSFTP Pro's algorithms and software code just wasn't compatible with current servers. It especially seemed to have more problems with Linux servers than Windows servers. But, that's just how it is.

    As an FYI tidbit, on my primary workstation I don't use any antivirus software other than STOPzilla. I started using it over five years ago because most antivirus software took up too much resources and caused some apps to not even work. Coincidentally because it's made by the same people who created FileZilla, obviously the two probably work together well.

    Also, FileZilla is recommended by many hosting companies because it seems to work properly in more situations than just about any other FTP client. That probably is because the people who made it happen to know how to make their application compatible, better than most others. And that knowledge carries over to STOPzilla. The result is, things work better when those two products are used rather than other choices. I'm not trying to sell anyone on them. I've used just about every major product, and as they overload my machine I uninstall them and try something else. I do a ton of different type of development on the same machine, and run SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IIS, full LAMP stack and a lot more. Poor thing takes 15 to 20 minutes to boot up.

    Since this is my primary tool used 18 hours a day for my business, it has to work. And I've had my share of frustration along the way.

    Oh, also I've worked in networking in lots of capacities including running Comcast's network operations center alone for 12 hour shifts on Saturday nights. There having to deal with customer connectivity service calls. But also learning how they configured layers 2, 3 and 4 of the ISO model, while I had to do a lot of the layer 5 stuff. Having the many years of networking has made it a bit easier for me to debug connectivity problems.

    Sometimes it's a combination of things that are causing the problem. It could even be a bad HOSTS file on your computer. Of the DNS server configured in your router or on your computer. Again, if any of these aren't ideal and secondary and tertiary settings have to be utilized each time a connection is made, that eats up time and the connection could timeout. Lots to understand to have great connectivity.

    Good luck! :)

  101. Glenn Graham says:

    Diane gives good info for settings. :)

    Usually shared hosting FTP servers don't accept secure FTP, so you'd only need to input the url for the FTP server, the username and the password.

    Don't forget to put a slash at the beginning of the Host directory path and name if it's a Linux server and no leading slash if it's a Windows server.

    Most of the time it's a normal connection, so you would not check "Use passive FTP".

    And always click the "Test" button to see if the connection works. Error messages returned are very helpful. If it's a third-party hosted server, they'll tell you exactly what settings to use.

  102. Diane Vigil says:

    Thanks, Glenn. Some great posts there. (And I corrected the misplaced slash in my example table. Thx.)

  103. brendan says:

    See this link


    And don't forget any updaters required


  104. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Brendan. While those are good links (the first addresses a Macromedia legacy activation error, and the second is a page of Dreamweaver updaters, some of which are pretty old), I'm not sure they're pertinent to FTP connection errors. But thanks. :)

  105. Kim says:

    Okay, my problem is REALLY weird.. I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 (waiting for CS6) on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. Here is my problem and everything I have tried to fix it:

    I was connected to my remote site all day Monday (today is Thursday), then out of the blue I tried to "put" an edited file… as I had been doing all day, and I received an FTP error: Cannot make connection to host. Your login or password is incorrect. I went into my sites > manage sites and clicked the Test button on my remote server information and it returned Adobe Dreamweaver CS connected to your webserver successfully. I went back to my file and tried once more to "put" it on the remote server… again FTP Error: cannot make connect to host… I reboot my computer and start Dreamweaver again. I reenter my remoter server information and click the Test button. "… connect to your webserver successfully". I try to put any file, FTP error again. So I call my server administrator, he checks the servers logs and says there are no errors and that the logs show I have connected successfully several times today. I went through the trouble shooting steps listed here, though my FTP Logs are empty. I cannot stay connected or even see the remote folders to try to drag and drop.

    I downloaded an installed FileZille and was able to successfully connect to my remote server and upload the files. We found that Dreamweaver is not allowing me to save changes locally or overwrite the files on the web server. I have downloaded and installed Komodo edit and have been using that to edit and save the files, then going to FileZilla upload them. However, Komodo Edit is like using word and is really messing up my dynamic data and php codes.

    Again, I can connect to my site in Dremweaver, but when I edit files in Dreamweaver, save them, and try to upload to my webserver, I get the "FTP Error: cannot make connect to host..". My server administrator is baffled because he know nothing about Dreamweaver and there isn't a problem with my account or ability to connect or upload outside of Dreamweaver. I even uninstalled, and re-installed Dreamweaver to no avail. However, not all files uninstalled because when I re-installed Dreamweaver, I did not have to re-set up my sites???

    I have a COB deadline for tomorrow to get these pages edited and uploaded and I am REALLY stressing. I have lost 3 days of work because of this issue and no one in the Adobe Dreamweaver forums can help.

  106. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Kim. A couple of things seem odd here.

    It's one thing to not be able to connect to the server (or not be able to upload — perhaps your root directory specification in Dreamweaver got messed up?). But it's quite another that it doesn't let you save files locally:

    "We found that Dreamweaver is not allowing me to save changes locally or overwrite the files on the web server."

    I'm wondering if your Dreamweaver installation on your computer has somehow gotten corrupted.

    If this was me, I think I'd:

    (1) Look at your Site specifications …
    – where are the website files? (I presume this is correct).
    – did your folder on your hard drive containing the website files become Write protected (presuming you have Windows)?
    – where on the server have you specified the files to be uploaded to (perhaps it got changed to above the site root folder?)
    Bottom line is that your Site definitions could have become corrupted, changed, etc. (I've not had it happen, but never say never.)

    (2) Last choice would be to uninstall/reinstall Dreamweaver. Making sure FIRST that I had all the registration information.

    (2a) Well … maybe I'd download a trial version of DW and see what could be done that way (or are they already into the monthly payment thing?).

    Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.

  107. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. I will answer each of your questions with what we have done.:

    (1) Site specs look fine. Used the same specs to set up FileZilla and we can upload using that program, I save them in a protected file because I have to reload them every so often. The permissions on the local folder look fine and my admin checked the files on the server, all fine. I only have permissions to upload my files to a specific folder assigned to my group, so the files are getting uploaded to the right directory on the server.

    (2) Funny thing, I did uninstall Dreamweaver, but when I reinstalled it, all my site definitions were still there? So the uninstall didn't get all the files and I'm not sure what files to look for to manually delete.

    (2a) I am hoping to get the CS6 version today (I am using CS3). I am also hoping to be able to scrub ALL Dreamweaver files off the computer before installing CS6. I will let you know how it goes.

    Oh, and I am wondering if it could have anything to do with Dynamic pages and Spry Assets? The problems all seemed to happen after I changed a drop down to a checkbox and my spryasset.js and .css returned an error. I fixed the error, but it seemed to be after that when the problems began.

  108. Kim says:

    Oh, and I can connect to the server in Dreamweaver when I do a test in my site definitions. It's when I go to open the split screen with the server files on the left and the local file on the right… or upload files, that I get the FTP Error.

  109. Diane Vigil says:

    Site specs look fine.

    Yes, however, you noted that the problem started after you got an error re your spryasset.js and .css (I've not heard of that).

    Also, when you uninstalled DW, it sounds like it kept the data files (like Site definitions?) … so after reinstalling it, it just used the old faulty Site definition. (If that's what's happening.)

    I'd suggest deleting the Site definition altogether and starting over. If you can't figure out where it's saving Site definitions (like you can choose the location it uses to save Site definitions), then I would start a new Site definition and put the same information there (that is, login, etc.).

    I mean, something's wrong. Couldn't hurt to start over so that it's defining locations of spryasset.js and .css correctly.

  110. Dan says:

    After trying all of the above without success, I solved it by going into godaddy and changing my ftp password (under hosting–>ftp users). The password criteria has changed and it makes you include all the elements when you change it.

    Even though I could log onto godaddy directly with old password, the ftp connection from Dreamweaver was getting refused. Using a the password that solved it.

  111. Diane Vigil says:

    Ah, thanks, Dan. That's good information.

  112. abeed says:

    An ftp error occurred can not open remote folder httpdocs/ access denied : the file may not exist or there could be a permission problem

    in this case ? :(

  113. Diane Vigil says:

    Abeed, the message is saying that Dreamweaver could not open the folder (the server denied access to it), so:

    – the file may not exist (check to see whether the file is actually there), or
    – there could be a permission problem (how were the files uploaded? If they were not uploaded by your web hosting account username, then check with your web host about what to do).

  114. James Faasse says:

    While using DW CS6 and CC, an FTP error occurred – cannot make connection to host. User limite reached or not authorized to make the connection due to local firewall blocking FTP data.

    I use a Mac OSX 10.6.8 on my desktop and Maverick on my Mac Laptop. I have DW CC on both. The Firewall is set to "on" on both devices.

    I also manage my own dedicated server with limited knowledge because I use a 3rd party Admin Service to manage it.

    I started experiencing the FTP issues with DW after I had my server rehardened for security.

    What happened was I could FTP only using Cpanel FTP managers, which is slow and cumbersome. I could not use ANY FTP clients, such as Cynerduck, Filezilla, and DW CS6 or DW CC. I could connect but not upload or download data files. In some cases the attempt to upload a file would delete it from my directory using DW any version!

    After months of research on forums I gave up. I found no solutions… Until recently, there was a post about using Pure FTPd vs. Pro FTPd under WHM. The default is set to Pure FTPd. You do not want this setting. You need more flexibility. You must make sure your server admin sets your FTP Server Selection under WHM to Pro_FTPd. This immediately fixed the upload and download issue with DW CC.

    Another important note: If you have problems uploading a folder's content make sure you change the folder's permissions to 755 or 777. I was able to upload selecting the files under the folder, not the folder itself. In some cases my FTP upload would upload some files and errorred on others. I simply reselected them individually and they uploaded fine. Why this happens I'm not sure. It might be a server setting.

    I have ports 21 and 22 ports open as well and I was still getting the firewall block error. You must make sure your server is using Pro_FTPd for Dreamweaver CS6 and CC to work properly.

    I hope this helps everyone on here!

  115. Diane Vigil says:

    Sounds great, James, and thanks for posting your information.

    I'm not sure I'd recommend changing folder permissions to 777, as this is pretty insecure. If it has to be done, just be sure to revert the permissions when you're done. That said, I'd check with your host to make sure a folder's permissions actually have to be 777 just for FTPing files to the server.

  116. Don C says:

    Thanks for the info here, I was able to solve my problem

  117. Peter Hulm says:

    I had the same problem. In DWCC2014 when I view the local and linked site, there are several relevant icons on the top line. The bulleted list icon is for activating the remote server. The icon to its right with the flash is for activating the testing server.

    The first column above the files window tells you which one you are connected to, while the first line tells you the address of the site or testing directory.

    All then seems to work.

  118. Peter Hulm says:

    Further to yesterday, I have now been able to check out my notes in Dreamweaver CS5. The same applies. A couple of icons in the two-windowed file view allow you to switch between the local and remote server.

  119. Sam Chisholm says:

    I'm not connecting to my host (yahoo), and I'm getting the ftp error message: login or password incorrect. I've tried using :21 and :80 and nothing seems to work.

    I spoke with the host (yahoo) and they told me to upgrade Dreamweaver since the version that I have doesn't support sftp. Any suggestions or do I have to make the investment.

    I'm working on a mac OS X Yosemite v. 10.10.3, using Dreamweaver CS4.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  120. Diane Vigil says:

    Note that SFTP typically uses port 22.

    That said, if your host requires SFTP and your version of DW does not support it, then you'll have to upgrade or use something else.

    I note that DW CS5 does support SFTP, which I mention because (I think) Adobe now only offers Dreamweaver on the pay-by-the-month schedule. You may be able to find a later than CS4 non-pay-by-the-month version (although I always wonder whether licenses for DW software not gotten directly from Adobe will work). Or you may find that upgrading through Adobe works best for you.

    The other option that I know of would be to use stand-alone FTP software, such as Ipswitch WS_FTP, or free FTP software. Of the stand-alones, I prefer WS_FTP which, while not free, I've been using for over 15 years.

    Good luck!

  121. Maria Steidel says:

    Hi: I'm using Dreamweaver CS5, I have built my web site and had it hosted by go daddy, I switch to ehaost.com for hosting but when I try to define the server it does not allowed me to enter no information at all, seems like the options don't work or lets say that I click on the space to enter this info and it highlight all around in red and the when I click where it said password it does let me check on it but unable to write or enter any info at all, I don't see my mouse in any of the spaces I click except for the name of my site, I can change the bane on top but it's all I can do it does not to allowed me enter no more information, I don't know what to do and I'm desperate to upload my web site, I call ADOBE and they want to charge an eye and an arm for give me tech support I pay almost 500.00 for the software and find it unfair that I have to pay for tech support. What recommendations can you guys give me? I appreciate, Thanks


  122. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Maria,

    I would have to guess what's wrong. It sounds like Dreamweaver is not working correctly.

    Or … did Dreamweaver work correctly (allow you to enter information and upload) while your site was hosted at GoDaddy? If so, I'd try to clarify with your host (I can't find ehaost.com) your username, password and the path to the root directory … perhaps one of those is incorrect and Dreamweaver (or the server) are blocking entry until they're corrected?

  123. Em says:

    I read the 1st 60 comments, and skimmed some others. All of sudden, I can't get Dreamweaver CS4 to connect to anything. Trying to connect or running Dreamweavers FTP test gives a big list of possibe FTP errors.

    – adding :21
    – export site > remove site > import site
    – convert host to ip address
    – use passive FTP (checked and unchecked)
    – firewall settings set to port 21, 180 second time out
    – connect to different FPT (tried about 8 different accounts, using a variety of hosting providers and custom client servers.
    – disabled firewall related software.

    – Using a different FTP program (set to port 21)

    This happened once a few years ago. Couldn't find solution. Had to re-install, but lost all client logins (can't remember the details, but I assume export/import must not have worked… I do remember fussing with that). Don't want that to happen again. Really don't want to re-install (actually, can't reinstall unless I buy a new CD drive, but wouldn't want to loose everything regardless).

    Thanks much!

  124. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Em. I can't tell from here what's happening. However, if you haven't already, I would export the Sites so that, if you're forced to reinstall, you don't have to set up each one again. (Or, if you do, you can just change the port numbers, or whatever it is.)

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