I recently discovered HTMLdog.com, with its Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced HTML and CSS guides.

The beauty of HTMLdog is that it's simple — devoid of excessive declaratory treatises about the why's and wherefore's of Web Standards — just simple explanations and code that impart understanding and clarify issues quickly.

Nice to take a walk through it to see what one might have missed. Mind you, I've been hand-coding for years and working extensively with CSS. And still, I came away with a nice certainty, a completeness of understanding.

Check out HTMLdog's CSS Properties and HTML tags pages — and Sons of Suckerfish.


One Comment to "HTMLdog HTML-CSS Guide"

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Diane,

    This is indeed a very welcome addition to my CSS sources. Like you said, a plain and simple site without the W3C why's etc. But on the other hand offers more then your average 'cheatsheet'. Consider it added to my WP-links :)

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