Flash and Storytelling

I usually stay out of the "Flash is cool" versus "Flash is evil" argument; you know, where Flash designers ooh and ahh over Flash effects while SEOs/developers point out pitfalls … and usually neither take note of the possibilities. Well, so I was perusing blogs.adobe.com when I came across John Nack's short post about the Dave Werner Portfolio.

If you're interested, you can read the lengthy for/against comments. More interesting, in my view, is the portfolio itself. This is precisely the kind of thing that I've been suggesting for years. Yes, many of us are involved in commercial web design, and many of us for "regular" companies where such technology may not in the works for use any time soon.

Still, let's see: Yahoo opens a branch in L.A.; (if I recall correctly? — too much going on lately) Google and Microsoft vie for AOL eyeballs; MP3s and podcasts here and there … the point is that I'm thinking the fairly near-future will hold more than text-based whatever.

The fact is that, while many of us may be focused on e-commerce, lead generation and the like, none of us spend all online our time shopping either. (Or … you don't, do you? Do you?) At any rate, I haven't a survey to hand, but I don't ever recall seeing one suggesting that most people spend the bulk of their online time shopping.

But one thing is for sure: they like to be entertained.

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