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I seem to have been a little bit missing in action lately. Thing is, I've been thinking things over — I've been watching various personnages do their thing. Watching, for instance, as Nick Wilson sold off Threadwatch and dove headlong into Performancing.com. Watched as Rand appeared in Newsweek and re-did SEOmoz. Listened intently as friends and associates explained their plans. Attended conferences. Spoke at conferences. Buzzed about with excitement. Lots of moving from one thing to another. Or doing one thing more. Lots of new technology, old technology, and piles of acronyms. (Yeah, I blinked, and something called Ruby on Rails appeared, as if it had always been there. Maybe it has.)

In the meantime, after just being busy, I got ridiculously busy. Truth of the matter is that I love designing and building websites. I also appear to be one of those people for whom organizing a business focus and writing a sales approach and ad copy seem to come naturally. It has something to do with what I call "organizing".

I like helping people. Yes, I too am working on "other projects" — we always have those. But, still, it's:

Likes building websites. Likes helping people.

And that's the bottom line in all of this.

4 Comments to "State of the Web – My Corner"

  1. Bill Slawski says:

    It's really great when you can do what you love for a living.

    I really enjoy seeing you around the forums, and participating in the blogging community, but it makes me even happier to hear that if you've been absent some it's because good things are happening.


  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Thanks, Bill. I poke around the forums probably more frequently than you'd think. Aside from enjoyment, camaraderie and what-have-you, I visit during short breaks from whatever I'm doing.

    And now, to respond to kensplace's comments about XML; I hate to shock him, but I agree with him. :)

  3. Kim Krause Berg (cre8pc) says:

    I confess that though I'm going through life a million miles an hour myself (nobody told me it gets busier when the kids hit their teens!!!!), its nice to know I can still come here and "hear" your voice.

  4. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Kim. Yes, I would guess that kids get even more active in their teens (though I guess you're then past the "stove hot — don't touch" stage). And you were always busy anyway. :)

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