External Hard Drive Saves Email!

This is the story about how one of my email folders got corrupted and I was saved from sheer ridiculous-ity by the happy existence of my external hard drive.

I'll skip mentioning what email program I'm using, mainly because it's so o-l-d that I fear the laughter of the crowds; hey, the thing works and I've had not problems with it for ::ahem:: eight years (okay, it's Netscape 4.7x)(no, I do not use or test websites in the browser). At any rate, I'm assuming that this could happen to just about any email program.

Brief scenario: I moved the folder containing the email of a client whom I'd had since 2000; we'd done a large handful of websites together and, like many clients, we'd become friends. For some reason, moving the folder caused it to disappear from my email program. I could see via Windows Explorer the three(!) files constituting the folder and its contents, but couldn't get it recovered via Netscape. This is around the time when one is extremely gratified to know that those files are backed up nicely and awaiting one's use.

Now, perhaps I was doing something wrong, but I eventually got it fixed by dragging the files from my external hard drive and futzing around with them. Essentially, I had a bear of a time trying to put them where they'd originally been located (I kept getting a weird error message), but found quick success when I put them in a different folder. Once recovered, I simply moved them where I wanted them. Problem over.

At any rate, this isn't so much a recounting of my stunning prowess with an eight+ year old but trusty email program, but simply a statement that stuff happens. Stuff may not happen for years, but when it does happen, it's gratifying to know you've got it covered.

Hey, think of the time savings! <grin>

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