Big Corps Get It

For the better part of a decade now, Web folk have dismissed big corporations and media due to their apparent lack of grasp of the opportunities afforded by the Web. I think we now have ample evidence that they do get it. From MarketingVox, we have Major Marketers: TV Spots Less Effective; Eyeing Online, Search:

Advertisers will be spending significantly less on television and increasingly more on online advertising in the next couple of years, according to a poll of major advertisers by Forrester and the Association of National Advertisers, writes ClickZ. Some 78 percent of the surveyed marketers said the effectiveness of their TV advertising has diminished in the last two years. Some 80 percent said they would instead invest more in web advertising, and 68 percent pointed to search marketing specifically.

Well, good enough. We get it. They get it. But I wonder what this means for everyone else when they hit the Web en masse? (Not that they haven't been; I'm just saying …)

Does this mean that websites garnering leads for Big Corps' products suddenly have competition from the big corporations themselves? Can smaller companies and marketers possibly compete when Big Corps bring their big dollars, big teams and big weight to the Web?

This will be interesting to watch.

I'm not one to yell that the sky is falling. I'm thinking that this is just another change, and one that was bound to happen sooner or later. And those of you who kind of knew this, who built your properties and your companies knowing that competition might become ridiculously intense in coming years, are hopefully in a position to roll with — and profit from — the changes.

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