Internet TV — the Future

I've mentioned before that I believe that media and web companies are (judging from what they're attempting and acquiring now) looking to bring television to the Web (here's a developedtraffic search for previous posts).

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, posts Think the Internet will replace TV ? Think again … essentially saying that there won't be bandwidth enough for most U.S. households to take advantage of the technology.

At least in the near future, I think. Technology always pushes ahead. One hopes.

2 Comments to "Internet TV — the Future"

  1. Bill Slawski says:

    Mark Cuban may be right, but I've been hearing a lot of noise about increasing the speed of downloads over coaxial cables in a significant manner lately. And there are quite a few homes that are wired via coaxial connections for cable TV.

    I think that there's too much potential money involved for folks to be sitting on their hands instead of trying to develop something.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Good point, Bill. After having posted, I was thinking along the same lines. The scenario Mark Cuban is talking about is based on a lack of technology moving forward.

    Whereas, years ago, I'd heard of whole areas (tracts of homes and businesses) being wired with much broader pipes than their DSL or cable — pipes that would handle not only the Internet but TV and … I've forgotten what. Unfortunately, the terminology slips my mind right now.

    Heck, even my TimeWarner/RoadRunner cable is much faster up and down than most DSL.

    So, I think you're right: there's far too much to be gained by big media companies and technology providers for them to (as you say) sit on their hands.

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