Google Ganged Against

Not to jump all over Google (though a quick search here shows I've delineated some of my Google concerns over the past couple of years), but I thought it important to point out Business Week Online's Ganging Up on Google.

Now it's not just the SEOs and lowly webmasters complaining. It seems that everyone from Amazon and Ebay to librarians, publishers, adult site webmasters and human rights advocates have a bone to pick with the search giant.

While one could take the position that "I must be doing right if everyone's yelling", it might also seem that when the din of complaints gets too loud, it might be the time to consider whether any of them have a point.


2 Comments to "Google Ganged Against"

  1. Steve says:

    I think that's lame. BusinessWeek just trying to splice some points for an article. The Miro thing is no big deal. The fact that Ebay and Amazon are making their own engines is nothing we should be happy about or Google worried about. Once the customer sees that Ebay's engine certainly "thinks for you" and turns you to things you might not otherwise be looking for, I think people will bail on it. Google is "unbiased" for the most part. I know the biggies pull in rankings based on their budgets and deals with Google but for the most part you can find whatever is on the web through Google and thoughtful keyword phrasing.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Thanks, Steve. I wasn't saying that — in my opinion, Google *is* a great search engine.

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