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I was reading through John Dowdell's blog — formerly with Macromedia, he's now at the combined Adobe/Macromedia — and found this post entitled Adobe Scientist:

One thing I've been seeing internally for awhile, but haven't known a way to bring it up here in the blog… at the new Adobe Systems I've already seen a really strong emphasis on basic science, and research which may not yet be connected to a particular product, much greater than what I saw possible at the old Macromedia. A lot of key scientists have migrated here for the work done in imaging, for instance…

and more:

The significance? I'm not sure yet, but I think the odds are strong that we'll be dramatically surprised by new abilities in different areas. There are background resources, an advantage we didn't have at Macromedia. Good thing.

This gives a tiny glimpse of internal workings at Adobe. I'd say that that should calm fears about whether, for instance, Adobe is going to drop the ball on Dreamweaver. I kinda doubt they would; they've been in the software business for a long time, have a couple of applications of their own <understatement>, and are a viable company with solid products. The above would seem to imply a solid plan for future developments. May they continue to thrive — and, if things go as they have in the past, that will be true.

That, and I'm glad that, if anyone was going to buy Macromedia, the Macromedia folks have what seems to be a great home. (Funny how you can worry about people whom you don't know well, have never met or may not even known the names of; the Web is a community, after all.)

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