Web folk discovered

Or, you are now a market

So I was only half-listening to the television; it was just a commercial anyway. Something about escaping the corporate world to pursue something or other. Thinking "yeah, yeah; I escaped a long time ago", I was *very* surprised at the next line:

Some people write symphonies
I write code.

Despite the fact that I totally agree with this sentiment, this commercial means that we have been discovered by the mainstream public. Or, at least, their writers of commercials. Web folk, rejoice! Or not — they're marketing at us now. :)

2 Comments to "Web folk discovered"

  1. Yuri says:

    Yup, it is interesting how TV has slow at catching up with the Internet. Or is it only because the Internet folk doesn't do TV advertising because advertising on the Net is more effective?

  2. DianeV says:


    My guess is that the big ad agencies could continue charging their big clients the big fees for advertising in certain media (television, for one) and, after so long, were too set in their ways … so that the new medium of the Internet — with its confusing technology and no real "central" point — didn't seem very appealing. That was good for us, though; to a good degree, geeks seem to rule and have a real head start.

    They get it now, though, so we'll see what happens.

    So … do you write code, not symphonies? :)

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