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This is pretty hot — per Marketing Vox (via Wired), Microsoft and the New York Times have teamed up to create the Times Reader. Per Vox:

Times Reader beta is a versatile and interactive digitized version of a "real" newspaper, writes Wired. The application attempts to provide a familiar reading experience – but onscreen. Via the Reader, the entire day's newspaper is downloadable and does not require a constant internet connection. Since the Reader uses the website's feed, multiple updates can be performed throughout the day.

Tell me that isn't hot. For something like that, I might consider a subscription, which is where I'm guessing all this is going.

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  1. Philip M. McDonnell says:

    Hey Diane,

    I took a look at this and it does in fact look like a great way to get my newspaper delivered. However I hate the fact that it is only available for WindowsXP/Vista. I use a PC but also use a Macintosh. Why do so many companies only develop for Windows? I realize that the Macintosh market is rather small compared to the Windows market, but how hard can it be to make it work on both platforms?

    As it stands I still might just subscribe myself. I already asked to be notified about the beta.

    By the way, thanks for pointing this new system out. That is why the internet/blogs are great! I always get introduced to new features/software/etc by scanning many blogs everyday.


  2. DianeV says:

    Re the PC versus Mac question, I *suspect* that it is because PCs have a greater market share than Macs, which would make development of software for PCs more pressing. But … I have no idea of what the
    development issues might be.

    I agree about blogs and the Internet in general. It's good to be able to find information quickly without having to read *everything*.

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