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As I've said before, I'm something of a fan of TurnkeyWebTools' Sunshop shopping cart; the next version (4.0) of which is due out in a few months. That said, I have a current project that, realistically, required that I have separate Sunshop pages — that is, standalone pages that pull bits from the database but are not created within the Sunshop Control Panel.

I got part of the way through this <grin> but, after several hours, could not solve one issue, so I turned to my trusty programmer extraordinaire friend, Darin Swan. An hour or so into it and the problem was solved, and this is with me talking part of the time.

When I told Darin that many people are looking to do just this same thing — creating separate Sunshop pages — he gave permission for me to post his contact information: Darin Swan at AlphaNetDevelopers.com — (951) 530-1681 in Riverside (Southern California).

The beauty of working with Darin, beyond that he's a terrifically nice guy, is that he's well schooled in a variety of programming languages, platforms, etc. Need advanced Perl? Importing stuff into Flash as a delivery platform? Cisco work? No problem: Resume.

Just one thing: do not get into his games; I've blown dozens of hours on the Bubble Trouble game alone. <Well, I liked it.>

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