Evaluating Potential Clients

I was reminded, while blog-hopping, that discussions occasionally spring up in forums about, shall we say, unusual approaches taken by potential clients to hiring someone's shop to do work for them. It does not seem to matter whether the poster is a web designer, developer or SEO; with "unusual" approaches, the issues are more or less the same.

A little help here from PainterCreativity.com, Mark W. Lewis's Top 10 Lies told to Naive Artists and Designers.

Hope this helps y'all!

2 Comments to "Evaluating Potential Clients"

  1. Jake says:

    I found this article very interesting! I think sometimes people get the impression that web designer's aren't business savvy and think they can outsmart them.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    I know what you mean, Jake — although I think it's just certain types of people, as those outlined in the article. One could run into those types of people anywhere.

    Others may not know how much work, skill and expertise is involved in creating a professional website. I get the idea that they think that, because they see websites on their computers, it must be nothing at all to create them … just takes a quick wave of the hand.

    In effect, they just don't get that it's high tech and requires knowledge, particularly if you'd doing more than just designing.

    Others yet, who have been involved one way or another with the building of a website, or have an older, unupdated website, know that it's work but that it's worth it. These types of clients are gold, and should be treated as such. IMO. :)

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