Sunshop 4 almost in beta

I'm excited that the Sunshop 4, the newest version of TurnkeyWebTools' excellent shopping cart, is almost in beta. Unfortunately, as software projects may go, this one has run overlong, which means that the guys at TurnkeyWebTools have had a bunch of patient/impatient customers posting with/without grace in their forums for a few months now. <grin>

However, that is partly because Sunshop 4's new feature list is pretty exciting, and because people kept requesting new features after development was started.

My contribution was based on the fact that I dislike pasting bits of code (sometimes just part of a table) into a control panel in order to design a site. Having seen the beauty of WordPress' handling of "themes" (templates) which one could edit and simply upload, I wanted the same
thing. While it was suggested that it was better that that stuff was in the database (better for whom? :)), I posted the eloquent detailed On Better Template Handling, which seems to have gotten external templates onto the list.

One thing I will say for TurnkeyWebTools (and, as much as I push for features, I truly am a fan) is that they listen to their <sometimes excitable> customers. As the project moved along, things like individual title and meta tags, and table-less CSS-based design were added to the list. I cannot in any way think that this didn't pretty much require rewriting from the ground up.

To top it off, as production ran overlong (and who can blame them, as an accurate estimate of the time frame for a complete rewrite of something as complex as a shopping cart must be … near-fictional, especially when starting with a lengthy list and adding to it as you go), they recently added two months to everyone's purchase date. That is, when you purchase Sunshop, you get one year of support and updates/upgrades, with renewal at a lower price should you want it. So, they've apparently extended currently licenses for two months.

At any rate, they've got the <almost beta?> demo admin panel ready for viewing. It's faster than the current version, and nicely organized. I'm excited.

You go, guys. :)

2 Comments to "Sunshop 4 almost in beta"

  1. AjnabiZ says:


    Just found a link to your site from scriptgoddess.

    I have been trying to find a good shopping cart, presently im using Oscommerce.

    How is the progress on SunShop coming along. When are they going to release a stable 4.0 version.

    Also, has anyone tried out ClickCart Pro.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi, AnjabiZ. Sunshop 4 is currently out of beta and in RC4 (Release Candidate 4). I don't know how many more RCs there will be; hopefully, it will be soon. You can check the online demo: Sunshop 4 demo.

    Haven't tried ClickCart Pro; sorry.

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