My time she evaporates

Somehow the weeks lately seem to be comprised of 3.45 days; one minute it's Monday, then a couple of days later, it's Sunday night … my "time off" … and it's late. On top of that, I have piles of things to do; actually, a whole list of items vying with each other; things that are important enough for me to have added them to the list.

But because time is short and some things have to get done NOW, it's as if I have to evaluate the value of whereever I put my time, even little bits of it. I really don't like that.

Heck, I like to read SEOmoz (great ongoing blog), and SEObook (for Aaron's unusual approach); and the cre8 forums and Threadwatch — as much for that sense of community and camaraderie as for the information I get. These I can kind of "justify" because I'm in the industry. But is the time I may put into helping some newbie (or old-bie) at WordPress or some other forum/blog/whatever worth somehow less than anything else?

I guess the answer is that it depends on how much time I put into these things. Thing is, I don't really want to remove items from that list. Because it's my list, more or less.

A-n-y-way, I was off searching for something that Ron Carnell wrote (if you don't know Ron, he really is the dearest fellow), when I came across what appears to be a re-issuing of something Jim Wilson wrote for VirtualPromote — the section about Under Construction pages:

I have a composition notebook next to my computer. In it are literally hundreds of ideas for information I wish were on VirtualPROMOTE. A searchable directory of web promotion providers. 20 or so products that I should review. Tutorials on good copy writing techniques. How to write press releases. How to promote specific types of sites…..

But then I think about what is there. Every time I log onto VirtualPROMOTE, I get a nice little feeling… pride. There is so much there that I don't have to apologize for anything. It is absolutely worth visiting. Some of you have been using the site since the very beginning. I know who you are. If you have been finding help for all this time, why do I have to tell you what I'm going to do someday?

If your site is worth visiting, don't apologize for it. Brag about what it is, instead of pointing out all of the things it isn't.

And so, that said, I figure I'm going to finish up my work for tonight, and then get to work! Because the husband I share my life with has written a number of science fiction books that we're going to publish, and I'm mid editing one of them … and can't wait to see what happens "next".

And because publishing *anything* in print is not the speedy effort that blogging, or even writing web pages, can be.

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