Lynda.com Photoshop CS3 Beta Preview

As I'm a sometime customer at Lynda.com's online tutorials, I get her email notices. The latest is a (to me) surprise announcement of their free Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview — surprise, because I had no idea that Photoshop 3 was upon us:

On December 14, 2006, Adobe announced the first-ever public beta for an upcoming version of Photoshop, its flagship image-editing software. Best-selling author and Photoshop guru Deke McClelland has teamed up with lynda.com to create the first video training on this landmark release. Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview offers a personal video tour through a series of real-world examples that illustrate each of the key features and enhancements in the Photoshop CS3 beta. Major and minor features alike are covered in meticulous detail.

Whuff. Well, it's free:

For those of you who are not subscribers; we hope you'll enjoy access to this training as a preview to what our Online Training Libraryâ„¢ service offers.

So, if you're so inclined, enjoy.

Added: Yikes. "Mastering the new dock-driven interface". Does this mean they've altered the user interface again?!

4 Comments to "Lynda.com Photoshop CS3 Beta Preview"

  1. Sophie Wegat says:

    I'm not sure I even want to see CS3, especially if you're saying the interface is changing again. Yikes indeed!

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Yeah, that statement kind of took me aback. I had enough of a time going from Photoshop 4(?) to … version 6, where they'd changed enough of the interface to require some restudying. I just hope it's better — but this will be the first post-Macromedia Photoshop release; I'm wondering whether they've tied anything new in.

    By the way, Sophie, I saw your post at cre8 where you mentioned that you're using Illustrator quite a bit. To be honest, I find Illustrator … puzzling at best. (LOL — or not) How and why are you liking it?

  3. Sophie Wegat says:

    Perhaps "a bit" is a bit too strong Diane. ;)

    I've always used it for logo design, business cards, letterhead etc and am starting to work with it for websites.

    What's good about it is the ability to set-up (once) a grid template which makes designing and moving elements around so much faster. There's a great website on working with grids I can send you – not sure if I can post URL's.

    It's also faster and more precise when creating boxes, buttons etc. With better support for gradients and the like in CS2 it is pretty functional. Having said that I'm still navigating it and if I have tons of deadlines like this week I will jump back into Photoshop.

    I suspect if you spent time with it you'd figure it out – you're a pretty smart lady. Just like PS took a while at first so does AI.

    If there's anything particularly bothering you with it let me know and I'll see if I can address it. Is it actually using the software or the concepts behind it?

  4. Diane Vigil says:

    Ah, I guess you're right — I haven't really spent much time at all with it. Maybe an hour, and that wasn't enough.

    I think I've got the concepts, but the "how to" is something else because, while the interface looks a lot like Photoshop, it doesn't function nearly the same way.

    I've noticed that for "created" images (that is, not photographs), the gradients are quite gorgeous, so I guess it's time.

    And … you can post URLs, so go right ahead.

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