Why I Blog tag thing

I just discovered that Kim Krause Berg tagged me for a new "Why I Blog" tag thing going around. So, at the risk of something:

  1. I started this blog because I wanted to talk, and sometimes forums aren't the right place to do it.
  2. Also because I wanted to play with code. Some day I'll ponder whether I just might be a code junkie. :)
  3. When I got tired of talking about marketing and web design, I segued into posting helpful code and about site-building issues. Mainly because I've gotten a lot of help from kind strangers on the Web over the years, and I wanted to give back. And because this blog has a nice search feature.
  4. I started the DesignerJones.com blog, again because I was tired of talking about marketing — and more so because I wanted to talk about art, design and stuff I found exceptional or interesting that doesn't really belong here.
  5. The DianeV web design blog is mostly client-oriented stuff; not a "blog" per se in that I don't post regularly … I just post stuff I think they'll find helpful.

There it is. And now I have to pester some other folks:

  1. Dan Renner (let's see if he spots it this time)
  2. Dave Child at ilovejackdaniels.com (now addedbytes.com)
  3. Adrian Lee (who might hate my use of target="_blank")
  4. Ms. Teli
  5. Well, there are some other people whose blogs I read regularly (some of whom I tagged last time around), but I probably dare not tag them for this. So … you got four.

Okay. Back to new server issues. :)

2 Comments to "Why I Blog tag thing"

  1. Camaban » Blog Archive 5 reasons why I blog » :The work and pleasure of a mad, fictional, pre-historic monument builder says:

    […] So I see Diane has tagged me with the "5 reasons why I blog" thing, which I hadn't even known about till reading her post on it! […]

  2. Teli says:

    Hehe, Diane. I've already been tagged – soooo, not it. :D

    ~ Teli

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