Cube Cart vs. Zen Cart vs. …

I've been following an interesting shopping cart discussion over at scriptygoddess.com entitled Cube Cart vs. Zen Cart. Ms. ScriptyGoddess touched on Cube Cart and Zen cart, and wanted some opinions.

The comments are full of interesting factual and anecdotal data, and many from technically-minded people. Pretty interesting stuff, which includes the two above shopping carts, but Sunshop, Squirrelcart, X-Cart and others.

<On another note, sorry I've been kind of missing in action for a while, only sporadically appearing here and there for a quick post-and-leave. It's the schedule, but I've got plenty to post here and at my two other blogs.>

2 Comments to "Cube Cart vs. Zen Cart vs. …"

  1. Jason Roberts says:

    Speaking of shopping carts, I'm really surprised how slowly development of a robust (and free) WP shopping cart plugin has been. I really enjoy hacking WP to build 'normal' web sites but anytime an e-commerce requirement comes to the table I need to turn to another solution.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    I agree, Jason. I guess. I can imagine the kind of time and effort it would take to knock out a robust shopping cart.

    Nice site you have there. :)

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