ScriptyGoddess' Shopping Cart Roundup

I've been watching and participating in ScriptyGoddess' review and discussion of shopping carts at Cube Cart vs. Zen Cart, which covered quite a few shopping carts. She's now condensed the very long comments section into Shopping Cart Roundup.

Me? While I'm interested in what she has to say about Working with Cubecart, I'm currently working with a release candidate for Sunshop 4, and am very pleased with it.

The TurnkeyWebTools developers have done a magnificent job with this version of Sunshop which, given the magnitude of the changes to be made, took quite some time — and, since we were all waiting (many with not too much patience), things got a bit heated at times. I have to say that it's quite worth the wait.

So much so, that I've signed up as an affiliate: Sunshop 4.

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