cPanel: email address with multiple recipients

So I wanted to set up an email address for multiple recipients; essentially, I needed the admin emails on our organic food site to go to two people:

someone@site.com » joe@site.com and jim@site.com

I'd done this before on our FreeBSD VPSes, but was having trouble recalling exactly how I'd done it. It involved editing the /etc/aliases file and issuing commands via SSH, but I couldn't recall whether I had to set up a new user, etc.

Not only that, but the email address in question was already being forwarded to another address.

As it turns out, since we now have cPanel, I only had to add an additional forwarding address in Mail/Forwarders:

someone@site.com » joe@site.com
someone@site.com » jim@site.com

It never occurred to me that I could have multiple entries for the same email address. How easy was that?

I do worry that I'm forgetting *Nix line commands, though. But I guess the question is:

Q: Do you want to be a sysadmin, or do you want to get things done now?

A: Yes.

8 Comments to "cPanel: email address with multiple recipients"

  1. Todd Harrison - LA Headshot Photography says:

    That's what I've done in these cases set up multiple forwards. this seem to work very easy.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Yes, it does, with cPanel.

    Without cPanel (or, I guess, something like it), it was a matter of setting something up in the aliases file to direct email to multiple parties. I'd done it years ago on a VPS, but had never considered the idea of just setting up multiple auto-forwards for the same email address (and don't know if that would have worked) — but I'm happy to have gotten this done so easily.

  3. Philip de Lisle says:

    Brilliant – I was just trying to figure the same thing out being a cPanel newbie so this post was a life saviour.



  4. Diane Vigil says:

    Excellent — glad it was of help!

  5. Twenty20 says:

    Dude, that's weird!

    I was just doing the same thing for a client and thought that it was possible – but was checking the net to make sure that I would not be breaking something else or causing some funky mail loop.

    Turns out, I was right, thanks for the confirmation.

    Yep, cPanel's a winner. Rock on!

  6. Diane Vigil says:

    > to make sure that I would not be breaking something else or causing some funky mail loop

    Yep, I hear you there.

    As it turns out, it looks like you can also:
    – set up a user mailbox (Add Account)
    – forward that user's email address to another email address

    … and both will get the email. At least, I tried that once.

  7. Eric Gillette says:


    This article really helped. . .I was looking all over the place in cPanel (since I'm more familiar with Plesk's "mail group" function, where a single e-mail can contain multiple forwarding addresses).

    I never knew you could just create the same forwarding address for multiple e-mail accounts.

    Thanks for allowing me to stop scratching my head! =0)

  8. Diane Vigil says:

    You're very welcome. It surprised me as well; I would never have thought of it. Glad it helped.

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