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As someone who necessarily focuses on more than one sphere of endeavor (if out of interest alone), I've sometimes envied people who don't, who spend their time engrossed in, say, SEO and have that be that. Whereas my life is more about cycling through a series of:

  • the theory and practice of design;
  • let's check Google/Yahoo/MSN SERPs;
  • whoa! — look at this great thing you can do with Apache;
  • aha — so there's an array;
  • you know, we can increase marketing effectiveness by …

When I started our web design studio at our dining room table (yes, now I have an office but it's still at home; this is Los Angeles, after all, and I used to spend two hours of each day doing this but have since recovered my good sense) — I'd realized that websites were disparate a combination of elements, and determined that we should have all these skills and capabilities in-house. Which, at the time, meant me.

It's not that I don't focus and take things forward, but that the time required to cover this broad a range of topics, and do it well is, well, more. Not that I mind.

So. I was referred by a print designer friend to Communication Arts, a heavily design oriented magazine/site. I normally hang out in SEO places, which seem more comfortable and "right" as they cover quite a scope of topics. At any rate, I found at CommArts.com an article entitled Advice From Those Who’ve Been There that is a set of short interviews of some heavy-duty designers who were, finally, getting out. While I blogged about a different aspect at DesignerJones), there's more than enough there for us web types.

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