WordPress 2.5 is released

If you don't know, WordPress 2.5 was released today. They've been testing for a while, and now it's here.

This version has some great features. Some documentation

I'm interested in digging into the code a bit, as some of the folks from the Web Standards Project were involved in coding.

2 Comments to "WordPress 2.5 is released"

  1. Theatons Toys says:

    My WP blog was recently hacked and as a result, got dropped from google's index.
    I have since updated to 2.5 but am not so keen on the new backend interface.. (although the image uploading facility on the posts is great).

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Sorry to hear that your blog was hacked. I'm guessing that, if you've cleaned up the blog, it Google will include it again. Did you have problems with other other search engines?

    There are certainly elements about the admin (backend interface) that I'm not so crazy about but, as you say, some things are great.

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