WordPress 2.6 is released

WordPress 2.6 has been released, and it has useful new features. Watch the video below or watch the larger version at the WordPress blog:

One thing: the Press It feature allows you to add a button to your browser toolbar and then, as you surf the web and feel like blogging, just click the button to have your WP window pop up … then start blogging. It'll also allow you to quote sections of text — and use images from the webpage you're visiting. All but the last sound good to me. In the past, bloggers had to jump through a couple of hoops, albeit elementary, in order to snatch images from websites. Now WordPress helps them do it. <sigh>

That said, given the, uh, ongoing nature of my web surfing, and the fact that I've got four blogs now, I think I'll keep an eye on the WordPress forums for any gotcha's. And then I'm going to upgrade.

2 Comments to "WordPress 2.6 is released"

  1. Keen says:

    I just upgraded to Wp 2.7, But it says Internal server error. I had to roll back to 2.6. Can any one tell me why it gives error in 2.7 ?

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Hard to say offhand. The first thing I'd check is how you upgraded. This is how I do it:

    (1) Back up WP files AND database.

    (2) If you normally have problems with plugins, you can disable those in the admin panel before the upgrade.

    (3) Delete all WP files on the server EXCEPT for the wp-config.php and themes (and possibly the plugins).

    (4) Upload the new WP files and run the upgrade.

    If you didn't delete the old files before uploading the new files, you may find that some of the old files didn't get overwritten.

    Here's a link to the WordPress forums, searching for 2.7 Server Error.

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