Opera – changing the default dictionary lookup

I've just installed Opera 10.53, and love some of the new features. However, I use the right-click menu to look up word definitions fairly often — and I prefer Answers.com to the default Merriam-Webster.com. I tried the method I've used in the past, but the switch wasn't made.

I'd tried the tip at Tamil's How to change hotclick dictionary/encyclopedia site in Opera? at my.opera.com … but let me put this in sequence, because the last line in the first section below is what caused it not to work:

(1) Make a duplicate of the toolbar:
– Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Toolbars > Menu Setup
– Select Opera Standard toolbar and click Duplicate
Select the new toolbar (your copy), then click Save

(2) With Opera closed, edit the new toolbar file (this is Tamil's tip):
– Go to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Opera\Opera\menu\
– Open standard_menu (1).ini (open in a plain text editor, not a word processor).

– Around line 1011, change:
Item, MI_IDM_SELDICTIONARY=Hotclick search, 50
Item, MI_IDM_SELDICTIONARY=Go to page, "http://answers.com/%t"

– Save

That should do it. Thanks to Tamil for this tip.

For Opera 11 (and some earlier versions):
– Around line 1060, change:
Item, MI_IDM_SELDICTIONARY=Hotclick search, 50
Item, MI_IDM_SELDICTIONARY=Go to page, "http://answers.com/%t"

Or, of course, the dictionary of your choice.

2 Comments to "Opera – changing the default dictionary lookup"

  1. Brad says:

    I love Opera 10. The single biggest reason I waited until Opera ver. 10 on the Mac was for the spell checker – I gotta have a spell checker. :)

    Now, when I am on devices without Opera I miss it immediately.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Hi Brad! Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm loving the spell checker as well.

    I'd tried a previous version of Opera 10.x, but wasn't too happy with it. I was actually upset at that thought that Opera 10 wasn't going to make the grade as the great browser that Opera has been for me for years now. Now I don't have that problem, so I'm happy.

    Glad you're happy with it, too. :)

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