1) Early on, I supported myself by designing clothing, which sold because it tended to enhance people’s looks. The design of this blog is based on my favorite clothing (and lipstick) colors. At least, they were my favorites before the Web landed in full force in my awareness and I forgot about everything else.

(2) I once fixed my husband with my eye and declared, “All girls need a French writing desk.” To which he replied: “I know.” 🙂

(3) While I was moderating the VirtualPromote/JimWorld SearchEngineForums Site Review Please! forum back in the ’90s, I was also the unidentified administrator known as “Mother” — a concoction by Jim that I think he thought was “cute” — and by the time I invited Oilman to moderate, Brett had already snagged him for Webmaster World. This happened a few times, including losing littleman due to timing. And — I know who Stepmother was. As do some of you.

(4) Easily bored, I can relate to the Bob Dylan line, “I just can’t sit” — which in my mind somehow doesn’t conflict with long hours of sitting at the computer, but does mean that just doing “nothing” makes me antsy and I have to have at least a couple of things to do even on “breaks”. Luckily, computer games like Mahjong and Jixxa puzzles (turn any image into a puzzle) save me. I, of course, don’t characterize this as “doing nothing” — in fact, years ago, I used the Jixxa puzzles to train myself to recognize minute variances in color. And now I’m just ::cough:: polishing my skills. That explanation works, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true.

(5) Our cat Sammy, our loyal friend for most of his 21 years, is the main reason I don’t go much of anywhere. Thing is, almost every time we’ve left him in someone else’s care, something bad has happened, and I feel that his kind of loyalty should not be rewarded with more bad things happening. I actually didn’t attend the first JimWorld conference even though Mikkel pestered me to do so. And declined a speaking engagement at Lennart Svanberg’s Internet Marketing Conference for the same reason. And then Lennart just stopped asking. But I’ve determined that I will somehow show up at Danny Sullivan’s new conference. I do need to get out some.


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