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Progressive Web Applications (PWA) can change how the websites interact with the users and save them the hassle of keeping a separate mobile app for the same. While it is still a sane idea for the top apps on app stores, it makes no sense for small businesses and websites to manage multiple databases. Here are the reasons why PWA will change the overall system of websites and applications and will be the future of all businesses.

Mobile apps take 80% of the mobile usage by an average person, and only 20% has been reported to be spent on browsers in 2018. People still use browsers to surf the websites instead of choosing to download the app unless the website is not compatible with mobile devices. Only a few applications are used again and again throughout the day, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc…, which adds to the report.

Mobile Apps Are Lagging

Mobile Apps

As more businesses build their PWAs, people will begin using the browsers rather filling up space on their devices. PWAs are everything that a user expects from an application in a much more convenient way. Users can interact with the pages and buttons of a PWA throughout the browser even while being offline. A user can also add the PWA to their homepage for regular usage, without the need of downloading a huge size application form app store. Even the memory of PWAs is dependent only on the browser used to run it, unlike the native apps which require more space and RAM.

Native App Stores Are Dump Yards

If you open an app store, you can find thousands of apps competing to provide a kind of service, and thousands of services to choose from. The app stores are overflowing with useful and useless applications. There is a huge competition, and new apps are popping up every day, which are either made by companies or jobless developers. Launching an application in an app store is a difficult task for a new company. Ranking higher on an app store is way more challenging than creating a PWA. Instead of finding a place on app store, one can create an interactive high-quality PWA which will not have to compete with the trending apps to gain people’s attention but will only be known to those who are looking for their service on the internet. It is a smarter move to develop a PWA for browsers, so when a user opens your site, they will get an interactive and easy to use interface.

PWAs Rank In Search

PWAs Rank In Search

All the businesses which are converting their websites into PWAs receive better rankings by search engines. If the ranking is failing for your app on app store, PWA might be a good idea to rank better these days. The reason why PWAs will rank better on search engines is that it can be shared just from the link of the website. You do not have to dig it out from the increasing pile of app stores. Sharing the link will do two things at the same time – Add to the number of clicks, promise instant downloads. It is faster, can be used offline and offers a one for all solution to the users.

Cross-Platform Availability

The PWA developed apps are specifically designed to make sure that they provide the right user experience to their users. This is due to the fact they are tailor made to ensure that you have the right platform. Having a progressive web apps allows you to publish information which can help you be easily connected with a wide range of mobile browser. This gives you the right balance which you to connect with other apps as well.


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