PWA is a growing technology in recent years which is said to be an upgrade in the field of the internet. After websites and native mobile apps, PWA is the next big step towards a faster user interface and rich functionality. However, PWAs have limited features as of now and have reported consuming more battery than native apps. So why is it still a good idea today to create a PWA instead of making native apps and websites? Here are the reasons why you should make a progressive web application.

PWA is compatible

You do not need to go through the process of making the application compatible with different operating systems as it runs completely based in the browsers. At present Google is introducing PWAs and any device which supports Chrome can automatically run the PWA. The developers can skip the step of creating a unique application for each OS and can use that time in improving the quality of the app. You do not need any kind of permission from Android or iOS to launch your application. If you can host it on the internet, is can be operated in any device through a web browser.

A progressive web applications allow you to create an experience which is greatly appreciated by the customer

  • Reliable: Having a PWA makes sure that you have a reliable network conditions. They also make sure that you have offline functionality as well.
  • Responsive: A responsive PWA makes sure that the website can easily adapt to the different sizes which can ensure that you have the right user experience.
  • Secure: By default, PWAs are secured to ensure they work well for you.

No device limits

An application needs to be device friendly, and a developer needs to keep several factors in mind, including space and RAM required to run the app. PWAs can work smoothly on any device irrespective of its limitations. One can use the app on mobile, tablet or desktop with the same speed and quality. This feature allows the users a flawless experience while the developers can keep their customers satisfied with a smooth interaction which sometimes becomes a problem if a user’s device doesn’t support their app.

Easy to share

Easy to share

One more major benefit of PWAs are that they are just web pages and do not hold much downloadable amount. The only space you require for PWAs is for cache, and the rest of the memory of the app will be stored in the cloud. Users do not have to download the app, and they can easily start using the app with a sharable link. With a single click, all the featured of the app will be available and can be used even in offline mode.

Better SEO

The fact that PWAs can be easily shared adds to the fact that the SEO is automatically going to improve as every single click will generate more traffic. PWAs can promise better marketing and conversion rates as compared to websites as well as native apps. Due to the fast surfing and better transactions, the users will have a better time interacting with the app, and they will more like to become a regular user. The search engines like Google(also one of the first companies to implement PWAs) are also giving preferences to PWAs, so if your site is made by a PWA developer, it has better chances of ranking higher


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